Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Paw Licker?

Above: Lexie looking quite fetching in her summer cut.

Do you remember Lexie? The sweet six-year-old Tibetan Terrier who lived in a B&B? Remember I helped her find her a new home and wrote about it in my post Playing With Matches a Girl Can Get Burned?

Well, I received an email and some pics from Lexie's new mom asking for some advice.

Hi Suddie,
I hope you and all your kids are doing well!
We continue to enjoy Lexie, she's a great dog! But I have a question and don't know who to ask.
I just noticed that 3 of the pads on her back paw and one in the front are pink. I've noticed that she licks her paws, but I can't imagine she licked them enough to turn them pink! Is that normal for a TT ?
Thanks for your help!

PS. Lexie got a summer cut (not a very good one)!

I replied.

My Dearest Carole,
The color on their paws can vary. It's a pigment thing.
Did the color change to pink or has it always been pink? It is possible that she has allergies and is licking her paw(s) due to the allergy. Watch her and make sure she isn't licking. Allergies can be caused by variety of things. Grass allergies are not that unusual. Could also be a grain allergy. That is quite common and can lead to foot licking. We feed grain-free Wellness Core. If you switch Lexie's food, do so gradually as to not upset her stomach. If the redness is caused by some type of irritation, your vet can prescribe an ointment or spray.
Lexie could have also stepped on a rock or stick or something that irritated her foot. Keep an eye on it and see if it looks irritated or inflamed. If you have any worries, consult with her vet.