Monday, November 29, 2010

Spirit of Happiness

I have a new friend. His name is Chris and he's from Koewacht, Netherlands.

Hello Suddie,
I hope you will understand that English is not my native language so sometimes I will make misstakes or write in a non understandable manner. If so, please ask for explanation.
We have six TT's :
Glory 7 years (B/W)
Djara 5 years (black with some white)
Gaya 4 years (Sable)
All Star 3 years (Tricolor)
Raysha 2 years (greysable)
Ciedjee 17 months. (smoke)
All Star is a daughter of Djara and Ciedjee is her halfbrother, being a son of Djara.
So you can understand that the actions of Gaya and Glory were of non-family dogs.

It was a beautiful clear winterday, no wind and the sun was trying to give a little warmth to the earth. Typical day to go to the beach with our doggies. When on the beach our TT's started to run and play and so did the 6 month old Ciedjee too. With his enthusiasm and fearlessness he crossed a little sealake that was left on the beach on the lowtide. Halfway he seemed to realize: OMG what have I done and stopped immediatly. And he really stopped. He stood still in the water and weeped softly. The other dogs all looked at him but did not do anything, exept Gaya, she walked 3 steps into the lake and looked at him. I wanted Ciedjee to learn something so I did not jump in for his rescue. I just went to the other side and called upon him, trying to persuade him to come back. That did not help at all. In the mean time our other TT's were standing beside me, looking how Ciedjee was doing. Suddenly Glory went into the water towards Ciedjee, give him a little "nosekiss", turned and walked back. In all confidence Ciedjee walked right behind her, out of the water!!