Monday, July 19, 2010

My Little Sailor Man

It turns out my little Bruin is a swimmer just like the rest of us. And a sailor too! And darn good looking too. Genes they just don't lie!

What a life he has with his new family. I can tell they love him just as much as I do!

Bruin, it's true, I having been thinking about you everyday and wondering what your new life is showing and teaching you. I was so happy to hear from you. You make your mom so proud!

But I don't know where you get off calling me Suddie. I'm M-O-M to you and always will be! LOVE YOU!!

And Bruin. Did you know that your older sister Sadie loves to Kayak with Grammy Jill? Well at least until Grammy's knees blew out.

Dear Suddie,
It has been ages since my last check-in, but have been thinking of you often. Things are going swimmingly well with my family. Didn't think I could top ski season and the winter in Vermont, but summer has been a dream.

My family keeps me quite busy and we spend a lot of time on the water. I just love boating and the way the wind feels in my hair! Kayaking is fine, but I do prefer the speed of a motorized boat. I have a lovely red life jacket that I get to wear on the boat, and although I have become a good swimmer without it.

I have lots of great dog friends and love running around the yard or the dog park with them. I got a summer cut in June and have been feeling quite cool with my shorter locks. Do think I will grow it out long for the fall though!

My family just loves me to death and thinks I am the greatest, most wonderful dog in the world. They can't believe how lucky they are to have me and I have to say I feel the same. Love to everyone and I'll be in touch soon.