Monday, December 28, 2009

Sherpa's First Christmas

Sherpa wrote and shared news of his first Christmas:
Dear Mommy-kins,
Wow, it's been very busy and lots of new people the past few days. Christmas Eve I met 16 relatives who came to our house for dinner. It was great meeting everyone and I loved all the attention and compliments but I'm just a little guy and it was exhausting.....After everyone went home, I thought okay that was fun but now we can get into a routine and I can get back to taking my naps and play when I want to....Oh no, up early the next morning into the car and off to the Berkshires to meet the other side of the family....This time there were 22 and again they all hugged me and told my dads they have never seen such a good natured well adjusted pup.... Man, am I glad that's over, it was fun but enough is enough......

Today was easy, we had our friend Bobbie over for breakfast to celebrate her birthday and we took a hike in the woods. I'm now taking it easy, I wanted to give a quick update, I'm off to the soft wool rug in the living room to sleep for a few days:).........