Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sticky Mess

I just received a funny email from Ella, a TT who lives on the Isle of Skye off the coast of Scotland, and her mom Linda. She wrote to me after someone mentioned my blog on Facebook. According to Skye's official website, it "is the world's favourite island, recently voted 4th best island in the world by National Geographic magazine."

I must admit I got kind of excited when I read the description on the website:

"Here the stark rise of the jagged Cuillin ridge drops to the gentle white of a soft sand beach. Inlets, bays and islands create a complex lacework pattern with the sea. Tiny villages and historic keeps are familiar and fascinating. A place where time means nothing, and beneath every footstep lies 500 million years of history.

Discover the compelling past, the vibrant future and, through the essence of this remarkable land, capture memories to live with you forever. Unforgettable..."

Can I come visit Ella?

Anyway...here is the email that got me dreaming about the Isle of Skye:

Every TT should have an antique cream leather sofa it just shows them off beautifully. What a gorgeous family you have, Suddie. I don't think my wee girl would have looked so lovely on your sofa today. She has been stealing eggs from the hen house but delivering them in tact until today when she broke one, ate it, got in a terrible mess and then dug a muddy hole. It is just as well. We love them and I did enjoy bathing and grooming her back to her gorgeous self!
Best wishes,
Linda and Ella

Later Ella sent me another email along with the pics I have posted. Sweet!

Dear Suddie,
Mum said the sticky mess was just too disgusting to photo but here I am with one of the things I keep finding inside the dark hole. Didn't know they would taste so good or I would have been eating them instead of running around and posing for photos. I have had to have a bath and a hair dry and now I am pooped.
Ella X