Monday, February 28, 2011

To Suddie With Love

I don't mean to be crass, but I have been kinda horny lately. My dad keeps saying that I am in season. I guess that's another way of saying I'm horny. So, anyway, when I'm horny it makes Rufus and Angus REALLY HORNY. I think that's why dad shipped me off to our friend Susan's for what he keeps calling a "spa vacation."

Actually, it has been better than a spa vacation because not only does Susan give me expert massages, she also gives me lots of love. It's kinda nice to have someone's undivided attention. You know, not having to compete with Rufus and Angus and Roxie. I do sort of miss them though.

I couldn't keep my tail from wagging when they sent me this video postcard from their trip to Chicago. You see on Saturday and Sunday they attended the International Kennel Club show. BTW, Rufus won Best of Breed on Sunday and Grand Champion Select Dog on Saturday. With those wins under his belt, he was awarded the title of Grand Champion just two months after becoming a Champion. Youngest Grand Champion ever??