Sunday, May 16, 2010

I've Got All My Sisters With Me

Above: My little boy Sherpa with Judge Zell Von Pohlman

Guess what. Today we went to one of those fairs again with dogs in a ring and today I got to see my little Sherpa in the ring. He looked just grand. Really grand. And he won Winners Dog and earned a point toward his championship. Now he has five points including one major win toward his championship. So at 7-months-old, he is more than a third of the way there towards his championship. Pretty Darn Good!

As we were leaving the fair, we passed by the judge, Zell Von Pohlman, who awarded Sherpa Winners Dog. Mr. Pohlman went out of his way to say "That is a very nice puppy" as we passed. Shepa was so excited that he jumped right into Judge Pohlman's arms. He is one special puppy! Of that I am convinced.

Sherpa seemed a bit sad to see us go after our morning at the fair. But I heard that he went to a great dog park on a river this afternoon and had a marvelous time. He really loves his dad. And his dad loves him. That is obvious. I heard a rumor that Sherpa is coming to stay with us for a day or two this week. I so hope that is true.

After we left the fair in Woodstock, Connecticut. We stopped at a place called The Publick House for breakfast. It was a brunch and, as a rule, my dad hates brunches. But he was really hungry. The brunch at The Publick House didn't change his mind about brunches.

We then stopped at this huge flea market/antique fair in Brimfield, Massachusetts where various vendors were selling all sorts of JUNK. There were cool old Mammy and Uncle Tom cast iron figurines. I hear that Oprah collects these. My dad has a huge paper mache Aunt Jemima head that he picked up at the flea market in Paris. Once, when I was a puppy, he put the Aunt Jemima head on over his own head and did an old soft shoe routine for me. I peed on the kitchen floor.

There were old dolls in one stall at the flea market. I wanted to get one for Roxie. I though they looked a little like Grammy Jill or Marie Osmond or Baby Jane from the movie Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. Dad said he would rather just take a picture. I think he thought it might be a bit unseemly for a grown man to buy a doll that vaguely resembles his mother or Marie Osmond or Baby Jane from the movie Whatever Happened to Bay Jane. Have I ever told you he sometimes tells me I am his girlfriend, his mother, his sister, his baby?!? I guess I'm everything to him, but it sorta reminds me of that scene from the movie Chinatown, "She's my sister. She's my daughter. My sister. My daughter. She's my sister AND my daughter."

At this fair, they were even
trying to sell an old
wedding cake topper.

I really thought it was swell.