Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Good News

Good news! The sweet TT in Washington state that I blogged about yesterday has been adopted. Yeah!

Also, my dear friend Ella from the Isle of Skye is a cover girl.

Here's the news,

Dear Suddie,
I think I might be a celebrity too just like you, Angus and Roxie. The lady my doggy mum (Tilly) lives with sent us a book called the Tibetan Terrier Association Year Book (published by the UK TT Association) and guess who was on the back cover?? She says all the people who saw it at Crufts thought I was cute. Mum says it mustn't go to my head because she doesn't like 'celebrity' and perhaps this is just my 15 minutes of fame ??? I don't know what that is all about perhaps it is something to do with the stupid bunches she keeps putting in. I think she is secretly proud 'cos I know she really adores me even when I am naughty.
Does this make me a cover girl? I think I look a bit like you.
L♡L, Ella XX

Now, Ella, I'm flattered. You do look like a fresh-faced cover girl. Not an old dust mop like me. Well, when Roxie saw your "stupid bunches" she just had to have some. All the rage around our house now those stupid bunches are. Do they ever give you a headache? Yours look awfully tight and perky! Just like the littlest Who, Cindy Lou. Do you know Cindy Lou? Or is it Cindy Sue? Well, anyway, you know who I mean, the littlest Who. Oh, I do think it's Cindy Lou Who. You're looking very Cindy Lou Who.

Now Roxie is just desperate to be on the cover of something. She spent quite a bit time posing on the chaise lounge, next to her "I'd Rather Be in Paris" pillow, while looking thoughtfully out the window. I guess models do spend quite a bit of time in Paris. But, Ella, I don't want that sort of itinerant life for my little girl. Have you seen the movie Mahogany in which Diana Ross plays a model? Well she goes to Paris, gets involved with some white French guy, and ends up dripping hot wax from a candle all over her body. No, if Roxie has to go to Paris it will be for language or art studies at the Sorbonne (and for no more than one semester). But you know, little Ella, I learned long ago you can plan all you want for your children's future but it's sort of like writing a blog that no one reads. You know it's going to have very little impact, but you do it anyway.

But, I digress. Roxie wasn't going to be happy until I took a few artful shots of her. I couldn't find the camera anywhere in this rubble pile so I ended up taking some pics with my iPhone. This didn't strike Roxie as a very auspicious start to her modeling career. I think some of the pics came out pretty well. I think Roxie secretly liked them too. Don't tell her I noticed, but I saw her emailing them to Eileen Ford (or maybe it was to Eileen's daughter, I doubt Eileen can even see anymore).