Wednesday, June 8, 2011


So...we are headed today to Dogland, La Petite Hut, our cottage in the north woods near a most pristine bay. Can't say we're sorry to go. It's been beastly hot here.

Summer will be filled with walks and swimming and...PUPPIES.

Roxie has been dragging a bit carrying all that extra cargo in this hot, hot weather. I know she will be much more comfortable in the woods.

So...I am signing off for the summer. I will miss you, but I am sure I will haves lots of news when I return. If you need to be in touch:

Oh...and one more thing before we shove off, I just received this official pic of Rufus, Grand Champion Deep Acres Fields of Gold, from the Invitational of Top Champions. Pretty boy, isn't he?

PS. We don't actually live at Dogland. We just love the sign. We stay down the road a bit and love to walk by nearly every day.