Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chip is a Goat

Do you remember Chip, the Tennessee Fainting Goat? The guy I met in Newport. Well, I have to admit, I sent him a little love note. He did write back.

Hi Suddie,
I am going to pass a link to your blog to Mrs. Hamilton. Thank you for the kind notice of SVF Foundation during your recent trip to Newport. Although you are correct that we are typically closed to the public due to biosecurity concerns I would like to invite your parents to our Annual Visitors Day which will be held Saturday, June 12, 2010. SVF will be open on that one day to the public and it should be a good time if you are able to stop in - unfortunately you and the pups won’t be able to come, people only!
I’ve attached a flyer with some additional information, hope to see you there!

Not exactly the love note I was hoping for. A little dry. People only? I am MUCH CLEANER than my dad. Chip may be FIERCE and cute, but he sure is stupid. I probably should have gone after the pig.

I also received a little note from dear Ella from the Isle of Skye after she read about our trip to Newport.

Dear Suddie,
Is that Angus in the back of the car on your blog? He really is hunky I think when I grow up I want to marry Angus. Hope that is ok with you.
Love and licks,
Ella XOX

Ella, tell your mom to start putting together your dowry. Since you're from that part of the world, you may know that the Portuguese crown gave two cities as dowry to the British Crown in 1661 when King Charles II of England, Scotland and Ireland married Catherine of Braganza, a princess of Portugal. They were Mumbai (Bombay) in India and Tangier in Morocco.

The beautiful Isle of Skye would make a terrific dowry. Don't you think?

In Victorian England, dowries were seen among the upper class as an early payment of the daughter's inheritance. Only daughters who had not received their dowries were entitled to part of the estate when their parents died. If a couple died without children, the woman's dowry was returned to her family. In some cases, nuns were required to bring a dowry when joining a convent.

So Ella which is it? My Angus or the nunnery?

GOOD NEWS! Snoopy, the cute little 5-month-old TT who was in a shelter in St. Louis, has been adopted by a nice family.