Thursday, January 28, 2010

Brotherly Love

Right after I posted Angus' Best of Breed video I received this sweet note from Roscoe.

Yeah for my big brother! Congrats Angus! I miss you. I got my first shampoo, nail clip and trim (which my adopted mom and dad were not expecting, but the groomer just couldn't resist...ick!) Can't say it's my favorite thing...I came home looking all poofed up...after three days I'm looking more "myself." I also started "kindergarten," not sure I like behaving, but I do like the praise and treats : ) I promise I'll send photos to you soon. I'm just so busy being a dickens, there's not much time to write! : )
Love you and miss you,

I love you too Roscoe. You know what? I'm a bit jealous that you've already had a hair cut. I have never ever had my hair cut. Btw, I think all the hair that fell out with my pregnancy may be growing back a bit, but I still look a bit ragged. I could use a new look.