Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Global Warming?

Can you believe that we migrated south for the winter just to be greeted with record cold temperatures and snow? We got a record amount of snow the other day - 12 inches! People down here were kind of freaked out about driving - you wouldn't believe the traffic jams it caused. But because they hardly ever get this much snow down here I think they really enjoyed it. I have never seen so many snowmen. There was a snowman in the median in the middle of a busy street with one of those orange traffic cones for a hat. Angus peed on that one. A snowperson also appeared in the chase lounge next to our pool.

The temperature soon rose above freezing and this created a big slushy, yucky mess. This was cool with me because dad took us to the indoor dog park. You see, the first indoor dog park ever is a quick drive from our house. It is huge with a big dog and a small dog area. It has astroturf and a patented filtration system that keeps everything clean and fresh. All us dogs are required to show proof of our immunizations and there are attendants on duty that monitor our play. There's even a play area with hoops to jump through, bridges to cross, and houses to run through. I'm pretty good at this obstical course. Angus and Roxie aren't so interested. I would say that Angus is the most social of the three of us. He loves to play with the other dogs. Me? I love to play frisbee with dad. I also like to visit the gift shop and cafe. They even have wifi so I can work on my blog if I want.