Sunday, November 28, 2010

Introducing New Champion Deep Acres Autumn Splendor

Above: New Champion Deep Acres Autumn Splendor

I received a text message on Sunday at 2:31 PM EST from Sherpa's dad.

All it said was:

"CH. Deep Acres Autumn Splendor"

"Really?" I messaged back. Followed Immediately by "OMG!!!!" And then "Congrats. What did he get?"

Well Sherpa, CH. Deep Acres Autumn Splendor took Winner's Dog and then Best of Winners for a three-point MAJOR. And he was crowned a new CHAMPION. Sherpa had not been shown all summer. His dad had a lot of other fun things planned like a new deck with a hot tub overlooking their green acres. And dog parks. And Cape Cod. But he performed fantastically when he returned to ring this fall. And on the road to his championship he racked up three MAJORS. We have to admit that, for a moment, we doubted he would become a champion so quickly. But his dad has A LOT of positive energy and he predicted it would happen today!

And, as an added bonus, I think I now will be recognized by the Tibetan Terrier Club of America with a Register of Merit. I believe a Register of Merit is given to bitches like me that have produced three or more champion offspring. Sherpa is my third. Preceded by Angus and Roxie from my first litter. And, if I have anything to do with it, there's more to come. You know my little Rufus is nearly there. And although she hasn't been in the ring much yet, my beautiful Pandora is racking up points toward her championship. Not bad for a gal who has only had two litters. Toby, I think boys have to have five champion offspring to receive a Register of Merit. Seems fair to me. I mean I was the one who endured hours of torturous labor, fed them, cleaned their little hineys, etc, while you were sitting by the pool in San Diego. OK, perhaps I am exaggerating a bit. But just a bit. Our little champs! Of course, I think all of our pups are champs.

Congrats Sherpa. You're a GORGEOUS HUNK.