Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

Right on our dining room table.

You see dad was out plowing up the front lawn yesterday to make way for a kitchen garden. So we had to find a home for the displaced hyacinths and daffodils and what not.

Yes we are going to have Black Prince tomatoes from Siberia, red and yellow Brandywine tomatoes, red and yellow Pear and Rosso Sicilian tomatoes right out our front door. So no more slogging off through the fields for our dinner salad. And arugula. And Genovese basil. And pumpkins. And carrots too. At least I hope carrots too. Angus and Roxie and I love to chomp on raw carrots. Did I tell you that already? Who can remember these days?

And in the meantime, we have a spring garden on our dining table.