Friday, February 12, 2010

Somethin's Bruin

Or, maybe, I should say Bruin is somethin'.
I received a great update from Bruin's new mom:

Bruin is duin great! We are all madly in love with him and still can't believe how good he is! He rides up to Vermont every weekend and has made lots of friends at the ski mountain. He has just finished his first obedience class and has had great fun socializing with all the other dogs. We are still trying to perfect the sit stay down moves. His temperament is really an unbelievable fit for our family.

Healthwise we are up to date with all our shots. Think he is up to 12 pounds or so. Seems like he is suddenly growing fast and his coat is getting thicker. Thinking we will have our first visit to the groomer soon.

Suddie, Bruin has learned to walk on a leash quite nicely. He walks the kids to and from school every day and has many admirers along his route. The crossing guard, Rosie, really wants to scoop him up and take him home to her grandchildren. Some people even stop their cars to inquire about what kind of dog Bruin is or how gorgeous he is. He's really quite popular around town. He is also quite the sled dog! He loves to chase the kids on their sleds up and down the hills of Vermont. We're even thinking of getting him on skis or possibly a snow board next year.

Bruin has quite a few puppy friends in his new town. He loves a big golden doodle named Tucker and they have lots of fun exhausting each other playing. He just met a cute golden lab puppy named Annabel, who he is quite taken with. He is also set to have some play time with a brand new Norwich terrier named Scooter when he gets back from his February vacation. Once they all get a little older, we will take them to a very cool place called Bare Cove Park where they can run and play with other friends to their hearts content.

Bruin also gets along famously with his cousins, Farley, a bearded collie and Josh and Oliver, 2 havaneese guys, who live in Vermont. He gets to see them every month or so and would really like more time with them. The cousins find Bruin's energy a little exhausting after a while, but overall they quite like him even if they don't always show it. Need to get going on our daily walk to school and then are headed up to Vermont for the school break for lots of fun in the snow.

Bruin is a really happy guy. The kids want me to tell you that he smiles when you rub his belly.

Will send pics soon!