Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cyber Pooch

I guess I'm what you might call a cyber pooch. I mean I have my blog and my website ( and yesterday I tweeted for the very first time. All my dogs (and bitches!) can now tweet me on twitter @DeepAcresFarm. I am not alone. There are tons of dogs (and bitches!) on the internet. I already have quite a few doggy followers on twitter. Think of the possibilities!

I like being a cyber pooch and thought I probably coined the term. But, on no, Sony introduced a $2500 robotic dog called Cyber-Pooch in 1999 that can go for walks and wag its tail and do tricks. When it first came out it sold out in 20 minutes. At the time, a survey was taken to determine the reason for its popularity. Here are the results.

I also came across a website ( where you can adopt the world's most realistic, interactive virtual pet. The website even claims that you can "mate your FooPet with your friend's FooPet and make FooPet babies! Watch out — puppies and kittens are a lot of work!" Yeah. Right. Tell me about it. I must admit that the FooPet beagle is kinda cute.

Well the best thing about all this cyber stuff is that I found another Tibetan Terrier blogger. His name is Wigglebutt Duncan and he is VERY cute. He refers to his blog as musings and deliberations of a spoiled, but lovable TT. Roxie has her eye on him. Yesterday, Wigglebutt posted a list that I want to share with you.

The 10 things I Like Most About Being a Tibetan Terrier

1. I've made friends all over the world with other Tibetan Terriers and their owners. I'm on Facebook; you can even Google me (WigglebuttDuncan) and I have 2 whole pages devoted to me! A TT!

2. I've convinced my humans that I'm smart (and that's not just about my breed trait).

3. I'm forgiven for my willful, independent disposition (because my humans believe it's a breed trait).

4. Most people forgive my misbehaving because they think I'm a terrier and it's "terrier behavior," even though I'm NOT a terrier.

5. I get tons of extra special treats for doing stupid things in training. I even get cooked special foods as rewards where I reward my mom intermittently for listening to what I want her to do.

6. It's OK for me to have ADHD; in fact, it's expected.

7. It's OK for me to have notoriously bad recall; in fact, it's expected.

8. Everyone who knows me thinks I'm cute and I know how to maximize it in order to get invited into people's homes (Thanks, Aunt Karen and Uncle Fred).

9. There are very few of my breed around, so I always get LOTS of attention from everyone asking me what kind of dog I am.....

and, finally .....

10. My mom and dad love me so much and think I'm so special, that they actually do something dorky like blogging about me!