Friday, October 23, 2009

It Ain't Always Pretty

I have been advised that I shouldn't put this out there. Just one rough pic posted to "the internets" and my cred will be crap. But you know what. Motherhood ain't always pretty. I watch enough Tyra to know that. So what if I sometimes use my stuffed mouse as a bite block to blunt the pain when the babes are nursing on my tender parts. Sometimes an out of body experience is just what the doctor ordered.

And please don't concern yourself with the crime that is my coiffure. You spend your day cleaning seven little hinies and then tell me that I should give a rip.

Don't even think about telling me that my adorable little pups bear even the slightest resemblance to that stuffed mouse. Don't go there.

It just so happens that even though it can be messy, I love being with my pups, taking care of them and having them rest in my arms. Nothing better for me right now.

For a while now, I've been stocking up on some of my favorite things like that little mouse from Ikea (it comes in a few different colors) to share with the pups. The Ikea mouse is really intended as a kids' toy. It costs like a dollar and I love to run around the house with it.

I have a whole bag full of stuffed toys that I am going to share with the pups when they are old enough. There is one of my red lobsters from Nantucket, a little duckie that actually quacks (they are going to love that). A mommy and baby carrot. Healthy snacks!

I also got them this little rubber jack thingy for them to chew on. That will keep them busy. I think I need to get a few more chewy things like that. I never eat and I would never give my pups anything like pigs ears, bully sticks, rawhides or other animal-based chew toys/treats. I think they are hard to digest and I also think they can make pups and dogs aggresive. I don't love them so much.

What I do LOVE so much are rope toys. I like the regular old knotted rope kind VERY MUCH.

But I ADORE one's made by a company called jax and bones ( that are fashioned into the cutest little animals. They are knit with small loops and that makes it really fun to pull them apart. Although they don't look like cute little animals for long after I tear into them, they last a long time and provide hours and hours of chewing enjoyment. My parents first picked some up for me at a store called Chateau Marmutt in Hollywood, but now I get them online. I just bought a menagerie of them for the pups. A veritable menagerie of rope toys with Larry the Lion, Lucky the Dog, and an elephant that I especially like cause he has some meat on him. Some people have their crossword puzzles. I have my rope toys.
I think Lucky looks a little bit like my pups. He is so cute. And, oh yeah, there is an octopus and a giraffe. I really like the lion's mane. Don't you?