Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Things Every Dog Should Know

Does your dog know its own name?

“I am often amazed at how many animals do not know their names,” said Lauren Henry, one of three veteran dog trainers interviewed by Sue Manning of The Associated Press in an article on commands, behaviors or skills that every dog should know. The trainers — Ms. Henry, co-owner of Talented Animals, with offices in California and Oregon; Jamie Van Wye, founder of the social “petworking” club Zoom Room; and Ron Davis of Camarillo, Calif., known for his work with Tillman the skateboarding bulldog — were asked for five or six things they thought every dog should not only be familiar with but respond immediately to in urgent situations.

“Teaching a dog to wait at a door when it’s being opened or wait in the vehicle when you open a car door and not bolt out is definitely critical for safety,” said Henry. “Stay is important, but most people don’t get the stay well enough trained that they should ever trust it in a critical situation. A leash is much safer than relying on a stay.”

Van Wye also thinks teaching “wait is better than stay. Wait is like a pause button. I’m saying: ‘Stop moving. You can go when I release you.’ It’s good for in and out of doorways, in and out of cars so they don’t run into traffic, if you put their food down. Stay is a more formal command. Wait is hold on a second.”

Others on the list included leave it, go to bed, pay attention, let’s go, play well with others and swim. To learn more, read the full article, Trainers Offer Basic Commands That Will Help Dogs Be Safe, Become Better Pets."