Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Little Dog Moon

Tonight I read the pups a story called Little Dog Moon. Most of them fell asleep before I turned the first page. It's my favorite story because Little Moon is a Tibetan Terrier. Little Dog Moon is about bravery and strength of spirit. It is also about family, sacrifice, and the wonderful things that love can bring about. At the end of the story the author explains that my breed is a very old one with an interesting past (and future I hope!). It is said that we were originally kept as companions in the isolated monasteries in what would one day be called the Lost Valley of Tibet. Set deep in the Himalayan mountains, the trek to and from such places was perilous. The author says my ancestors were intelligent, sure-footed, had an unfailing sense of direction, and were said to bring good luck. Like Moon, they learned the secret ways in and out of the mountains. We were never sold because doing so would "sell one's good luck." We were, however, given as gifts to people held in high esteem. One of these gifts was eventually brought to England and became the foundation of my breed in the west.

Wow. I can hardly keep my eyes open. I guess I am putting myself to sleep with all this history crap. I'm a live in the present kinda gal. I did spend a lot of time out in the fresh air this afternoon shoring up the fence to make sure the pups don't find any secret ways out of the yard once they are old enough to go outside. I am not confident they have developed their unfailing sense of direction yet. Maybe after their eyes open. And I sure did eat enough today. I have been starving. It takes a lot of energy to produce all this milk and the pups want more and more of it each day. So I have been shoveling in all the protein my parents will throw at me. And, yesterday, my dad made a batch of dog bones from the Four Seasons Boston. He said they were really easy to make and Roxie, Angus, and I are really enjoying them. I don't dare tell you what else I ate today or you might start to worry that I am part pig. Part monkey maybe, but not pig. I'm getting punchy. My eyelids are heavy. Good Night Moon.