Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hannah and Her (Twin) Brother

Above: My daughter Sadie as drawn by Hannah

I think you know my daughter Sadie lives with Grammy Jill and PaPa in a lake community in Michigan. When we visit Sadie we love to go on float boat rides and long walks.

One day when we were walking around the north point of the lake we met Hannah and her twin brother, their little brother and their mom and dad. You see, they had been watching Sadie for a long time as she walked around the lake and across the golf course with Grammy Jill. Many times they had thought about stopping their car and introducing themselves to Sadie and Grammy Jill. You see, they thought Sadie was awfully cute and wanted to know all about her.

Hannah and her entire family happened to all be in their front yard (unloading groceries from the minivan or some such thing) on the day Sadie and Angus and Roxie and I strolled past. Hannah and her twin bother ran to the curb and introduced themselves and gave us lots of love. Little brother and mom and dad followed and everyone had a very nice time.

Well this chance encounter developed into a very nice relationship. Sadie soon introduced Grammy Jill to Hannah and her entire family. Now Sadie sometimes gets to visit Hannah when Grammy Jill has another engagement and doesn't want to leave Sadie home alone.

Now Every time we pass Hannah's house, Sadie tries to drag us to the front door.