Tuesday, June 22, 2010

But Baby It's Hot Outside

Darn Hot. Especially for those of us wearing fur coats.

So I told dad that it was time to get the heck out of Dodge. Dodge? Dodge City, Kansas? Well Rufus lives in Iowa City and that is close enough. So we picked up Rufus, got in our stage coach and got the heck out of Dodge. But where were we going? Not to another stupid dog show. I sure hope not.

Well we traveled way up north where it is SUPPOSED to be cool. But it wasn't. To a little town called Sutton's Bay where Mario Batali has a summer house with a pizza oven in the backyard and Madonna's dad has a vineyard that produces undrinkable wine. It was still quite hot so we went a little bit further north and just a bit west to Leland where we dined al fresco and drank lots of water from one of those styrofoam carryout containers. Tres Chic. Well we splashed about as best we could in that little styrofoam container while our dad ate something called asparagus guacamole and downed several cold ones. And just when we were sloppy wet and covered in asparagus guacamole, this nice woman strolled in looking cool as a cucumber. Well this was Chris Converse who has a place just around the corner. We were to learn that Chris has two Tibetan Terriers of her very own. She loves them. We love her.

When we returned to our hotel, Rufus and Roxie curled up together in a big brown chair. Dad took a pic. If you squint, it looks just like the work of one of the old masters.

Guess what? There was a dog show involved in this excursion. There always seems to be. This was a gig put on by the Grand Traverse Kennel Club. Little Rufus took third in the non-sporting group puppy competition even though he was the cutest by far. But third is pretty good considering it was all the non-sporting group pups. But who wants to lose to an ugly French Bulldog? Angus took Grand Champion Select, but did not enjoy himself at all. He spit up a wee bit after his time in the ring. And yet this lovely little girl named Sophie fell in love with him and that is always nice.

We also got to meet Dash, a darling TT. Do you remember when I yammered on about Junior Handlers and shared the article about the young girl from Michigan who did so well in the junior handler competition at Westminster last year? Well Dash is her TT. Dash was rescued from some rich old Park Avenue fart who was letting his assistant care for Dash. When the breeder found out that Dash weighed only 10 pounds at 1 year of age an intervention occurred and Dash eventually safely landed in Michigan. He is a solid young man now with a very sweet disposition. A pleasure to meet you Dash! I'm free to play any time. Toby and I have what some might call an open relationship.

We were darn glad to get in the car and head to Grammy Jill's where we tootled out to the middle of her lake in a pontoon boat and took turns jumping off the side to join dad in the lake. FINALLY, we were COOL. It was Rufus' first time and he was a great little swimmer and Angus was the most enthusiastic, if least talented. His butt always seems to sink and dad has to right him with one of his hands. But back on the boat he would sing until dad would let him take yet another plunge. Enthusiasm is invigorating! You go Angus! Sadie was the best at learning to climb the steep ladder that led back to the boat from the water. Quite proficient that girl is.

We returned to be hosed off, lathered up in Pantene Pro-V, and rinsed off in Grammy's driveway. Now we were ALMOST COLD and quite charged up.

It was a perfect summer day.