Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I Love New York (Part II)

Now I forgot to tell you that if you are in New York and in Central Park and you're a dog you just have to go to the cafe at the Delacorte Theater. You know the theater where they perform Shakespeare in the Park. Well the cafe has great things for people like lemon whoopie pies, but, even better, they have huge dog bones for me. There is a enormous glass jar on the counter and they're free. You can just lift the lid and take as many as you want. We stopped by everyday. I insisted.

Angus and Roxie and I sat on a park bench near the theater for a photo-op. That's what dad calls it. Seems like everything is a photo-op in dad's world. Anyway, it was a beautiful day the day we arrived in New York. We walked all over Central Park and met all sorts of dogs. In the evening, Dad went to see a play on Broadway called Everyday Rapture and he loved it. Angus and Roxie and I stayed in the suite, ordered room service and watched TV. Well, we didn't really order room service. Dad always checks the bill really closely.

You know what? Daniel Radcliffe, the actor who plays Harry Potter sat right in front of my dad at the play. You may not know that I love Harry Potter. But I do. I really do. Dad took a pic of young thespian Radcliffe with his iPhone for me. It's pretty fuzzy but it is Harry Potter. I would know that profile anywhere. Dad also took a picture of the stage curtain. It is a beautiful shade of blue. I just love blue. Except in food. I definitely don't like blue food. Except for blueberries. I'll eat one or two of those. On a really hot day.

Our second day in New York was quite rainy, but that didn't stop us from paddling all over New York. We got completely soaked. We looked like little beavers. Beavers in long coats with good teeth. I wonder what Csopie, that sweet Puli, looks like when she gets wet. I wonder how often she takes a bath. What shampoo does she use? Does she bathe at all? I'm sure she does.

We walked back to the hotel along all the boutiques and cafes on Madison Avenue. We passed Nello. The restaurant I wrote about a few weeks ago. By then the sun was peeking through and the tables outside Nello looked beautiful. We also ran into Susie in a pink coat with her dog walker. Susie is our old friend Brondi's dog. Part dog part bloated tick. With a really tiny head. But really sweet. Sort of. We didn't call Brondi this trip. We haven't called her in a long time. We hope she somehow sees this post so she knows we were thinking good thoughts. When we got back to the hotel, we soaked our tired feet in the tub and then settled in while Dad went to an exhibit at MOMA. He told us it was a performance art exhibit that featured naked people. Several patrons have been thrown out or arrested or something for copping a feel. That's what I read in the New York Times. That night dad went to dinner without us at a restaurant called Paola's next door to the hotel. He sat at the bar and had them make him one of his Whiskey Sours, complete with a slice of orange and sugar on the rim. He loved his pasta with green beans and potatoes. He said it was Ligurian. Can someone tell me where Liguria is? He sat next to a nice guy named Steve who lives with his wife on Fifth Avenue across from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Of course, they talked about me and Roxie and Angus. The guy even brought up our website on his phone. He thought we were "cute."

Our last day in New York was beautiful and we headed north to the Conservatory Garden in Central Park. Its site was once a huge greenhouse. It's now filled with beautiful flower gardens and fountains. We really loved the birds that love to splash in the fountain.

We then made our way to Lincoln Center where Angus tried to jump up on the granite bench that surrounds the huge fountain there. A security guard appeared and told us that is simply not allowed. We loved that fountain. It was super gushy. We then had a picnic right in the middle of Columbus Circle. It's like a little oasis there since they redid it and surrounded it with fountains. Did I mention that I love fountains?

After lunch we made our way back to the hotel along Central Park South and then up Fifth Avenue. It was a really lovely trip, but we happy to see the comfy cushions in the back of our car. As my friend Dorothy says "There's no place like home. There's no place like home."