Friday, June 11, 2010


Above: That's me rendered in wool!

I think you know my dad loves Angus and Roxie and me a lot. Well sometimes love makes men do crazy things. I think that explains these fine felted pillows. You see dad somehow found this artist that makes purses and such. Sometimes they are in the likeness of dogs- very fine felting indeed. In fact, I think he saw a purse she created in the likeness of a Tibetan Terrier. Yes. That is a Tibetan Terrier.

Now my dad doesn't carry a purse so he thought perhaps pillows felted with Roxie's, Angus' and my faces were just what we need. So he contacted this fine artist and chatted and sent her pics of each one of us. The artist sent a few pics of pillows she had felted of other dogs (not TTs) and we all thought they were marvy-poo.

A few weeks ago we received an email with pics of our pillows. Now dad thought they were very cool though he doesn't know exactly what he is going to do with them. I think the ones of Roxie and me are quite good. They seem to capture something of our aura, our mystique. A certain je ne sais quoi. Well, I'm not certain about the one of Angus. And, you see, dad is very picky and he wasn't sure he like how Angus' and Roxie's tongues were rendered.

Dad wrote to the artist and gently told her so. She made some adjustments using a lighter colored wool and sent pics of the adjusted pillows. Now dad is not sure that he didn't like her first try better. Though he didn't tell her this, he did email back that he wished the tongues looked more "tongue-like." What do you think?

The artist is also working on a fourth pillow that includes all seven pups from my last litter. I can't wait to see this one, but I am a bit worried cause in the pic dad sent to the artist one of my pups is sticking out her tongue. Don't worry. I'll keep you posted.