Monday, February 1, 2010

Frozen Swedish Meatballs

Do you remember my friends Sage and Lucas? They're PBGVs. That's short for Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen. You may remember that they moved to Sweden with their parents Sophie and Mike. Well I just received a note from Sage (Sage is a boy, btw).

Dear Suddie,
I love your blog and the beautiful pictures!!!!! I'm a tad in love actually....
I've just been in the garden with my bro's absolitely FREEZIN out there and I have no idea why Mum and Dad decided to move to this horrible country!
The only good thing about this place are all the horse-poop-lollies I find every time we go for a walk in the forrest. They're YUMMY! Lucas always eats more than me and then he really he has this thing about French-kissing dad. I just sit there and look at them..Dad's giggling up a storm and Lucas is all wrapped around his head giving him a good licking!
Mum says she'll video it and put it on would embarass me to death to let the world know what a disgusting brother I have. If Dad only knew what just went down his throat...
Ok, dinners ready. Some pancakes, fresh meat, country eggs and oven baked organic dog food. At least she cooks good food....
Lots of love

Sage also sent me some pics of the horses that they meet each day on their walks. These pretty fellows must be the ones producing those lollies.

Sophie expanded a bit on the weather:

Well…winter sure hit us this year! Always the lucky ones we caught the worst winter in years…more snow, colder and more intense than anybody can , or wants to, remember!
We had the most awful cold front that totally wrecked our heating system. Came out into the living room one morning and found it to be 7 Celsius …outside it was a harsh -26, the water had frozen and our hearts sank.
“What was so wrong with Florida??” – Mike said.
When eventually we got the water going again we got hit with 2 feet of snow…and now cold front number two just arrived.
So far a balmy – 18 out there but getting worse by the minute!
So right now we are NOT very happy with Sweden…I can only hope we get through February and then spring will surely start making its entrance!

It sure sounds chilly, but the pics Sophie sent make it look awfully pretty. I've always liked those little red painted horses from Sweden. How about you?