Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Lot Like Christmas

It snowed quite a bit last night. We LOVE it!

Toby's dads are arriving tonight to spend the night on their way to visit the relatives in New Hampshire. And I look just like a BIG HOT WET MESS (or, maybe, more correctly, a BIG COLD WET MESS). What with my pregnancy, the shedding associated with my pregnancy, and this WET snow. It's not a pretty combination. That's me in the pic all wet and messy (right after shooting my latest video) in my favorite Animals Matter bed. Don't fret. I am getting back in fighting shape. As you can see in the video, I can whip around the yard pretty well and dad is playing frisbee with me every day. I stills gots it! Somewhere.

Toby's 'rents are going to visit relatives in New Hampshire and Massachusetts and then will stop by again on their way back to the airport before Christmas. I think I told you one of my little girls is going to live with them in San Diego.

Toby sent me a note about the whole shebang. I guess it is a Christmas surprise. Don't worry. He's not tech savvy like me so there is NO CHANCE of him reading this.

Hi Suddie,
It's been a long time since I have communicated with you and I am sorry for that. My Dads had gone away and left me with my friend, my handler, Now they came back and I thought we were all going to be together for a long time, but yesterday I heard them discussing another trip. AND they mentioned "Suddie's Whiskey Sours" So I think you must be involved in this next excursion, which I thought might include me. But, earlier today they left me again with my friend. Hope they come back sooner then the last time they left me. They told me they were going to bring me a surprise. I hope that maybe they are going to see you and I hope they will bring me back one of our pups. That would be a great Christmas present. I have been following the progress of the pups and watching the videos. They sure are a handsome lot and very active investigating their new world. You have done a great job of keeping us all informed of the progress.
Take care, and I send a lot of Love,