Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Move Over Dalmatians

Rufus with his new friends from the Palm Beach Fire Department

I mean who says Tibetan Terriers can't have a little FIRE HOUSE FUN?

While Rufus was in town for the Palm Beach Dog Fanciers Show, he stopped by the Fire House for coffee with the boys. BTW, he took Best of Breed both days and a Group placement on Saturday. I hear he was the toast of Worth Avenue having lunch at Bice with his new friend Skipper, a very friendly Skye Terrier and having drinks at the Dog Bar. Yes, Palm Beach is a very friendly dog town (if you have the proper pedigree or credit rating).

It is the 1ooth anniversary of Palm Beach and dad and Rufus were in town for the festivities. From what I hear it was a very nice visit with gorgeous weather under pink skies and long walks to visit the stomping grounds of longtime friend Marjorie Merrieweather Post. Her homes, Hogarcito and Mar a Lago bring back so many fond memories of square dancing and teetotaling. Oh, early Palm Beach, those were the days. You probably know Hogarcito translates to Country Cottage, but, let me tell you, it is hardly a humble cottage. And Mar a Lago stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to Lake Worth. That's how it got its name which means From Sea to Lake.

On one of our walks, we met a very nice dog-loving lady from Lake Forest who asked us to join her table at Cafe Boulud. Turns out she lost $15 million to Bernie Madoff. "I believe in forgiveness," she said, "But I'd like to see him burn in hell. I hope he doesn't have an easy death. Isn't that terrible?"

Rufus waits in the Admiral's Club for his flight home