Monday, January 25, 2010

Best of Breed

My sweet, handsome boy Angus won best of breed in a dog show recently. He really hadn't been in a show since he became a champion more than a year ago. The day before the show, after his bath, Angus had to wear his boots every time we went outside so that his feet wouldn't get dirty and he wore his hair up so that it would fall just right at the show. I guess it worked because he looked great in the ring and he was a finalist when he advanced to the non-sporting group competition. I made a video of the whole thing and and you can see that Angus is third in line after the judge selected the final group competitors.

To be honest with you, I find dog shows to be a bit boring. Sometimes the best show is going on outside the ring. Guys in fur coats that match their dog. Make-shift caravans of pooches. Handlers in their unsightly get-ups.

To pass the time, I sent Dara an email from my iPhone:
We are at a dog show. Angus took best of breed so now we have to go to group. Dog shows are boring.

And she replied:
I know they are boring. My sister takes me to them when I go to MPLS. But it's great that Angus won. Give him a big kiss on the LIPS for me.
I'm cooking mushrooms and Lacinato kale and having a bit of wine. Wish you were here.