Monday, November 30, 2009

The Dog Clapper

It sure does seem quiet around here. Well comparatively quiet anyway. It can only get so quiet with 10 dogs in the house. But right now all the pups are sleeping. They all crawled in their crate after lunch. But first I took them all outside to do their business. They did a pretty good job too. Especially since this is the first day we are starting to introduce them to the concept of going outside. I mean we did start taking them outside last week but that was more for the fun of it and to slowly introduce them to the big world. Of course they would go while they were out there but it wasn't that purposeful if you know what I mean.

Today dad had them all out there bright and early and again right after lunch. It didn't matter that it is raining out and a bit cold. Every time a pup would head over to the newspaper side of the crate and start sniffing, dad would scoop them up and take them outside. He only missed once but that was because someone called him on the phone and distracted him. The pups seemed to like the rain at first. Mucking around in it. They were captivated by the water coming out of the downspout splashing on their heads. But soon enough they got a bit chilly and were ready to head back inside. Yesterday it was bright and sunny and we went for two extended romps outside. All of us. Roxie and Angus and Sadie and me and all of the pups. It was so much fun.

Sadie and the last of the relatives left this morning. I think that even Roxie misses Sadie even though she sometimes gets a little bent out of shape when Angus pays her too much attention. That's a picture of Sadie and Angus above. They were sitting by the table where all the relatives were playing some dumb game called Quiddler. We love to hang out at the relatives feet. Dad said it felt like an English hunting lodge with all us dogs about. Grammy Jill is really good with the pups. Whenever they would get a bit rambunctious she would clap her haps together sternly and all order soon returned. My parents call her The Dog Clapper. Last time I had puppies Grammy came and helped me out for a month. I'm glad that this batch got to benefit from her good nurturing skills.

Below are some pictures from our time outside yesterday plus a few of the pups right after they came back in.