Thursday, March 18, 2010


I have been thinking a lot about Maisie, the TT in London that needs a home, and so has my new friend Ella from the Isle of Skye.

Dear Suddie,

We looked at the post about Maisie but my mom, Linda, thought it would be a bit rough for her here as she thinks Kat and I are a bit too boisterous. We took the pic etc to Grandma who really could do with some company and Maisie sounded perfect but Grandma said "No." Grandpa died recently and she just wants to be on her own. I wish she would change her mind but hopefully Maisie will find someone to look after her, after all that is what we all need... someone to love us.

Love from,
Ella X

I love this pic of Ella and Kat enjoying the view out their window. I hope that Maisie finds a good, loving home soon.