Saturday, March 20, 2010

Super Bravo Pour les Tibet

Today I received a nice note from Claire who is from French-speaking Canada. Sensei, a white-and-black boy, and Ray, a golden boy, are my new best friends!

We live in Montreal Canada (where some winters there is a lot of snow) Their names are Sensei (white/black) why that name because when I went to pick him up at the breeder's home he was the only one that was observing the other ones play and checking if everything was ok like a Sensei ( it is in Japanese and it mean teacher) the other one is Ray (golden) why Ray because of his color like a ray of sunshine. Both of them like to play a lot I have enroll them into agility..... but Sensei is too much of social guy.... before every run he wanted to meet everyone.... not to good for Q time. And Ray liked everything eccept the jump.

A week ago Sensei has decide to visit the neighborhoods alone .... I don't know how he did it but the gate was open and I put a block of concrete so that they cannot move the door also.. but it was push and Sensei was gone... Both dogs were outside in the backyard at the time.... so Ray came to tell me (by barking) that Sensei was gone... FIrst I tought that someone came to take him... but then realise that this was impossible.... So I got into my car and start searching and found him running like the wind in the street.... trying to leave his telephone # to other dogs.....

Ou la la. I wish I had Sensei's number. He's quite the hottie!