Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Dogs of Mad Men

Beautiful, showy, and a natural herder. Can become extremely destructive if her energy is not directed in a positive way.
Attractive, active, and cunning, with a strong survival instinct. Vizslas get bored with repetitive exercises and ignore commands if they find something more interesting.Unambitious, yet somewhat put-upon. Becomes crazed if ignored.
Loyal to Don, her boss/owner, with good tracking instincts. Very intelligent but, as a result of being bred for the long chase, Beagles are single-minded and determined, which can make them hard to train -- although this is pretty much a good thing.
Playful troublemaker. When untrained and unconfined, Weimaraners create their own fun. They can be highly focused, but display behavioral issues as a result of isolation and inferior mental or physical exercise. Despite all this, they're still slightly lazy.
All-American inbred who's a bit of a loose cannon. Adorable but unpredictable. Thrives with discipline, but may act out in an unstable home.
Ambitious and independent, Basenjis are very clever at getting their own way. They have a strong prey drive, chasing after fast-moving, flashy, and perceived weaker objects that cross their paths.
English, pushy, and a little weird. Typically have eye issues.
Somewhat unattractive and so often ignored, Chinese Cresteds are active and alert, even though they may appear a little deranged.
Dainty and perceived as prissy, but knows how to get what she wants. This breed often comes in a pretty package, but don't mistake them for weaklings.
Unassuming but efficient and reliable. Creative and independent thinker; would probably make a fine novelist. And, of course, has chiseled features and a nice wave to the hair.
This breed just wants everyone to be happy, but also wants the most pets.