Monday, December 21, 2009

Sherpa with an S

I think that I forgot to tell you all that the pups love to watch the movie "The Little Princess" and they are also quite taken with "Liza with a Z" if you can believe that. Anytime my dad would take us big dogs on a walk, he would always pop one of these selections in the DVD player to keep the pups entertained. Just so you know.

In any case, here is an update on my little Sherpa (as he is now known).
Day 1
Good morning-
All is going well and we made it through the night with no problems at all. We didn't have the heart to leave him alone in his crate all night, so he slept with us. He slept through the night and didn't cry. Stephen took him out first thing this morning and he did his business. He's gone outside several times. We had one little slip:)
He's absolutely adorable, he's playing with the toy you gave us while I'm on the computer.
I'll keep you posted.

Day 2
Well well our little Sherpa has made it very clear he does not like the crate. He has also made it very clear he has a mind of his own.....We had another great night, he loves sleeping with us and sleeps right through.... I just took him out with his collar and leash. He stood in one spot and would not move even when I gave a light tug. I dropped the leash and let him walk around by himself with the leash attached. I have to keep reminding myself these are all first and he's just a little boy...
I will definitely keep you updated and when I get pictures I'll share them too.

Day 3
Sherpa was outside in the snow and loved it, I didn't have him on his leash, we'll do that later today. He also loves sitting in the sun-room watching the birds at the feeder. He's in his crate right now and seems to be adjusting, I don't hear any whimpering. I'm not sure if sleeping with us is the best thing to do now or should we keep him in his crate at night. What are your thoughts? I woke up last night with him stretched across my neck sound asleep, he's soooooooo cute. I'm amazed he sleeps through the night, we take him out first thing to pee.
Our neighbor came to see him yesterday and couldn't get over over how easy going he is and of course how beautiful, we'll introduce him to Katie her Lab in a few weeks.
Thanks again for the encouraging words.

Day 4 (This Morning)
Good morning-
Sherpa survived the night in his crate and went out first thing to do his business. About 45 minutes after we came back in he went to the door and scratched at the glass, I took him out and he went again. He's such a big boy...:)
I've attached a few pictures, I can't say they really show how adorable he really is but it will give you an idea of his life at Green Acres. Each day we are falling more and more in love with him....His 9 weeks in your beautiful loving home is very apparent in his disposition-thank you....
Today he is going to meet the girls (chickens), I hope to get pictures!!!!

Day 4 (This Evening)
Dear Suddie,
We can not thank you enough for bringing our little Sherpa into the world! He is the perfect little boy pup with enough personality to entertain the human population! Every single encounter and discovery he makes brings us laughter and joy! Whether it is negotiating an unpeeled grapefruit or eying a low hanging Christmas ornament (Yipe!), Sherpa becomes fearless in his quest for knowledge and understanding of objects and movement in his new home.
He is so smart; he has caught on to letting us know when he needs to go outside and when to go around furniture when he can not go underneath it. His bursts of energy and play times are always followed by deep restful naps and sleep patterns. He is mastering his crate as his new mini house/home, gradually making it his safe space. There aren’t enough descriptive words in Webster’s to describe how much we love Sherpa. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for our wonderful little boy!
Lots of peace, love and fun play time to you and your pups,
Michael and Stephen