Thursday, July 29, 2010


I think Sam is quite swell and he loves donuts! Now that's my kind of guy! Sam was just featured as the pet of the week in the Seattle Herald.

Pet of the Week: Sam is a West Seattle newbie
By Patrick Robinson

Sam is a four year old pure bred Tibetan Terrier and originally came from Minnesota from a breeder there.
He lives with Rian Kjolso and Elisabeth Root who moved to West Seattle only three weeks ago from Capitol Hill.

"He's a great dog to cuddle with, he loves to cuddle and sleep with you," said Kjolso. But he does like to sniff out and open the garbage. "We have to keep it up high so he doesn't get into it."

Sam is not shy about his food choices. He loves donuts. "He ate a box of donuts a couple weeks ago," Kjolso said and seems to prefer those from Top Pot but according to Kjolso his first preference is for rawhide bones. "Sam does not eat all the junk food that Rian said," Root corrected, " His most favorite food is actually carrots. Which I think is quite charming."

Sam enjoys and organizes his toys. "He's got a special Cheetah stuffed animal, he's got a special duck, and he's got a flea, a thing shaped like a bug." He keeps them all in a basket and he goes and digs each one out. "If you say go get your cheetah he knows the difference and can go to get it."

"He's a very loving smart dog but he's kind of stuck up when he meets other dogs. Except for Golden Retrievers, they're like his best friend."

Exploring the neighborhood is a frequent activity for these West Seattle newbies. They've been down to the beach, and Lincoln Park and sometimes walk along California Avenue.