Friday, October 30, 2009

For Whom is That Little Fur Cap?

Now you are going to think I'm crazy but I really want a little knit cap and I need one for Angus and Roxie too. You see, yesterday Grammy Jill (that's Grammy who sent me the sprayer thingy) told me about this book that she thinks has a Tibetan Terrier on the cover. I also think it may be a TT because he/she is shaggy and so very cute. But the subject of the book is what really caught my attention. It's called Pet Projects, The Animal Knits Bible and it has all these cool things that you can knit for me. Does anyone out there knit? I asked Dara and she told me that she is still traumatized from when as a child an unnamed right-handed person tried to teach her to knit right handed. You see she's left handed. She says she still stutters from it a bit. Anyway she said she's busy making teeny tiny silk bags for her Yoga teacher to put seeds from India in or something like that. I wonder what kind of seeds. I don't like seeds much. Are they edible seeds Dara? Or seeds to plant or seeds to smoke? I once got a seed caught in my throat and I didn't like it. Dara says the wee bags are really cute but that they are making her crazier than usual. But, in any case, she doesn't knit.

So what I am really coveting are the knit caps with the knobby ears. They are so darn cute. And you may say that I don't need a hat. That I am furry enough. But when has that ever been a good reason. A girl wants what a girl wants. Plus it gets darn cold here in the Happy Valley. And I know I told you us moms blow our coats after we deliver our pups. I'm afraid that I AM beginning to look like one of those hairless Mexican dogs or this friend of MeeMaw's whose eyebrows fell out. I can be quite single minded when I find something I like. And I like these hats. Toby you would look quite handsome in one too. According to this book, there are lots of wonderful things to knit for a gal like me. I could really use this puppy pouch right about now. You don't know how may times I have trudged up and down these stairs.

The doggy collar is quite fetching too. I think they call things like that that you wear around your neck a ruff. Don't they? Or maybe it's just a collar. It kinda reminds me of these necklaces that Grammy bought when she came to visit us in Harbor Springs last summer. They were made of pounded felt and they had these really cool felt flowers on them. Definitely cool weather necklaces. Did I mention that my daughter Sadie lives with Grammy? Sadie came up to Harbor Springs with Grammy. I hardly recognized her because the groomer gave her a buzzcut. Grammy was so mad about that haircut. I think it bothered Grammy that Angus wasn't as interested in Sadie as he usually is. I don't think it was the haircut. I think it was because Roxie was in season. Men are dogs. And dogs are men.

When I was cruising around the internet looking at knits for dogs, I found this other book called Knitting with Dog Hair. You might know that most everyone says that us Tibetan Terriers are non-shedding, but we lose our hair just like you do. And when you groom us (and you better groom us) you will find lots of hair in that brush. If my parents were just a bit more industrious they could have outfitted a small village in knitwear. This a real book with 4 1/2 stars (out of five) on Amazon. One reviewer was mad though cause there's a Basset Hound on the cover of the book and she bought the book for that reason only to learn that you can't spin basset fur. I guess that is a bit misleading but what was she thinking? I mean a Basset Hound's coat is quite short. But what do I know? Another woman indicated that she just pulls the book out when she needs to get her dogs to mind. As in "You quiet down or I'll make a sweater out of you." Harsh! The whole thing seems a bit nutty to me, but, then again,why wouldn't you humans want to be outfitted in a lovely coat like mine. I scouted around and found some pics of some of my furry friends with their dog-hair-wearing parents. If you ask me it looks better on the dogs. But did you know back in the old days there was something called a hairshirt that was made out of course animal hair? I hear tell that hairshirts were used by some religions to induce some degree of pain or discomfort as a sign of repentance or atonement for some evil deed. Doesn't sound like something my friend the Dalai Lama would go in for. But I digress. These dog hair sweaters do look quite comfy, but the dogs and their owners are a bit too "matchy matchy" for my taste. But who am I to judge? You probably don't think I need a hat.