Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Barefoot Dogtessa

Well. Let’s see. I heard from my friend Laura. Laura lives in the Hamptons and among many other things she is a fabulous pastry chef. She made all the pies for the movie Waitress. Did you see that movie? I loved it. Laura claims she has a dog but every time I visit, her pooch has been at the spa. Lucky dog! Well anyway Laura wrote to tell my dad he is a silly goose and while she was at it she let him know that she has an article in the January issue of Town & Country. Rather than rambling on, I‘m just going to show you dad’s email back to Laura:

Subject: T&A

Err…I mean T&C.
I love your article. Well done Ms. D.
Who would have thought Ina and I would share a love for whiskey sours?
I love your glamour shot. Hair extensions? ☺ You look great.
(Note from Suddie: Do you remember when I was considering Jacqueline Smith’s clip on hair pieces? Click here for a refresher.)
I paid a visit to our vet this morning and there was Town & Country right between Dog Fancy and Modern Dog in the magazine rack. Who would have thunk? So I couldn’t help myself, I had to snag it (along with Modern Dog and an issue of Outside with a hot babe on the cover). I was going to buy it. Really I was.
Suddie’s Dad

The article is a profile of Ina Garten, The Barefoot Contessa. It’s very good fun and it lists all the Contessa’s favorite things. In addition to whiskey sours (you may…or may not…remember that I shared my own recipe not that long ago), the shoeless one loves Fran’s dark-chocolate-covered caramels with sea salt. My parents love then too. Every Christmas Dara sends them a box and they inhale the entire box in like two seconds. Dara also sends me her famous homemade doggie treats in one of the beautiful silk bags that she has taken to making now that she has given up her tedious high-powered Wall Street career. That’s what Wall Street will do to you. Or so I hear. Well, anyway, Dara is none the worse for it. Last year she also sent my parents a jar each of Fran’s dark chocolate and caramel sauces, but not this year. I think they were a bit disappointed and figured their status on Dara’s Christmas gift list must have fallen. But then they received this note:

Howdy Pardners.
Where are you? In Texas?? That picture doesn't work for me. Do you have 10 Gallon Hats?? Pointy boots??
Anyhoo, I don't think I have a street address for you there. So, I need it to send the missing Fran's sauces. As my sister and I say, a jar of that stuff + a spoon = PARTY. We are simple people.
Chocolate Kisses,

And just so you know, the barefoot one actually wraps her tootsies in $500 Loro Piana cashmere slippers. She lists them as her most treasured article of clothing or accessory: “My Loro Piana cashmere slippers. I have them everywhere in the house! I wear them for cooking, for traveling, and for dinner parties at home.” Now me, I am the real barefoot contessa, I can’t stand to have anything on my feet. But, I must admit, I might make an exception for cashmere slippers.