Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bonne Annee et Bonne Sante

Rachel and Sugar

Sugar sent an email to wish me a Happy New Year, but she wrote it in French.

I'll translate:

Dear Grandma Suddie:
 Happy New Year!


Short and sweet.  Just what one would expect from a girl named Sugar.

Pretty as a Picture

But, yes, Sugar does speak French and several other languages too.  We think her best friend Rachel is a very good influence.  Don't you?

Congratulations Rachel on your new private school in Chicago.  Write and tell us all about it.  Does Sugar walk to school with you in the morning?

And, whoa, Rachel your pictures show you are becoming a young lady (and Sugar too...she's a year-and-a-half now isn't she?).  It seems just yesterday you sent us this email in anticipation of Sugar's arrival.  Have you taught her to dance yet?

Gam-Gam Suddie Wants a Ribbon for Her Hair Too

Dear Suddie,
I'm giving away my birthday presents to a family in need. My mom called the red cross to try and find a family in need but we didn't get an answer yet. There have been several house fires in our  area, so I know there is a family in need. I was inspired by Max Rohr he gave away his birthday presents  to a local hospital.

 I'm very excited about the new puppy! I'm sure I'll enjoy having a very energetic dog around the house. I'm going to teach the dog many tricks. The tricks will be old and new. At first simple tricks like roll over and stay, next complicated tricks like dance or something like that.