Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Trophies for Tibetans (Terriers That Is)

So, my dad was the trophy chairman for the Tibetan Terrier Club of America National Specialty Show this year.   The show was held a few weeks ago in St. Louis.

All the trophies were pretty cool, but I have to mention a few that you just might want to know about.

First of all, these two super cool gals from Iowa City, Alisa and Codi, created these amazing stitched portraits for the puppy and veteran sweepstakes.   We were lucky enough to come across Alisa and Codi last fall at the What a Load of Craft craft fair.  What a Load of Craft is what we would call a hipster craft shindig.  When we came across these rad stitched pet portraits we just knew Alisa and Codi had to help us create some atypical trophies.  And to their credit, Alisa and Codi completed 50 pet portraits without killing our dad.  Although I am sure they fantasized about it.  Dad can be quite the picky PITA (PAIN IN THE ASS) at times.  If you want a stitched portrait of your pup you just need to email or send these gals a photo and they will get to stitching.  The portraits are quite amazing, whimsical and beautiful.

Alisa and Codi have a store in Iowa City called Home Ec Workshop where they do all sorts of crafty things.  Knitting, sewing, silk screening.  They sell great fabrics and supplies...and, on Saturday, they serve up brunch.  My dad went one Saturday and was surrounded by a bunch of women (and maybe one other man) knitting and noshing.  What fun!  For contact info check them out on the web at  homeecworkshop.com

And, oh yeah, they also made these cool Tibetan Terrier stuffed toys for the National Specialty Show.