Sunday, November 22, 2009

Are you there Dara? It's me Suddie.

I was beginning to wonder and then I received this email the other day.

Dara wrote:

Hi Suddie,

I just looked at the blog and all the slide shows and videos. You are up to your asses in DOGS. The puppies are adorable. It's impossible to pick a favorite, but I do love the one with the completely black face. The way they walk makes me laugh out loud. Seeing Roxie and Angus greet them was very sweet. Angus' top knot is very chic. You did a great job, Suddie. They are certainly full of vim and vigor. Watching them cavort made me need a nap. I hope you are feeling well and getting your figure back, Suddie.

Take care,

Girl! Getting my figure back? Well! I think I am skinnier than before I got preggers. All of this milk production takes a lot out of a girl and burns a lot of calories. I'm pretty much done with feeding the pups now. They're getting teeth and their nails are sharp! Ouch! But the day before yesterday I was getting really swollen up with milk. I thought I was going to burst. So my dad made me get in there and nurse the pups just to release some of the pressure. I feel much better now. I think I am starting to get some of my usual energy back too. Although I am milking it a bit just to eek out a little extra pampering. My parents keep promising to send me to a spa when this is all over and done with. I'm pushing for Canyon Ranch or Miraval. Oprah really like Miraval and Grammy Jill went there. She got to walk around on stones in a really warm pool. I could use a really good massage.

I did find this place called the Lap of Luxury that provides warm water therapy in a hydrotherapy pool built just for dogs. I guess pet owners bring their dogs to Lap of Luxury for a variety of reasons, Some dogs have physical ailments, others are just learning how to swim and some are training for upcoming competitions. They also work with senior dogs that aren't able to take long walks or exercise normally. I'm holding out for Miraval. If it's good enough for Oprah, it's good enough for me. My dad used to see Oprah working out early in the morning at the East Bank Club back when he lived in Chicago. One day Oprah said somehting witty to him about sweating and lycra. He can't really remember the particulars. Now dad wasn't wearing any lycra. Oprah was. Dad also used to see Steadman in the locker room, but never in the gym for some reason. Dad says that Steadman used to walk around the locker room in his white boxer shorts and and the longest black nylon socks he had ever seen. I think, maybe, they were knee highs. I never hear anything about Steadman anymore. Now it's just Gayle, Gayle Gayle. Speaking of love, there is a whole series about training dogs with love on Oprah's website.

I'm following Oprah's advice and giving the pups lots of love. Yesterday we moved them downstairs to an expanded ex-pen that has a crate attached. Dad covered the crate with a towel and the pups love to go in there when they are sleepy. It's their little den. I think the pups like being downstairs surrounded by all the activity. If it's warm enough we might even take them oustide today.