Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Elsa and Rufus

I received a note from my pups in Iowa. Here it is.
Dear Suddie,
Elsa and Rufus are amazing. They have been a wonderful addition to our family and have made this Christmas very special. On Christmas night, they watched movies with us while snuggled in our laps in front of the warm fireplace. It was great. Santa brought new toys for them too, and Mom ordered some stockings with their names on them to hang on the mantle for future Christmas’.
We have had snow and ice storms in Iowa making each walk a trail blazing challenge. They love to chew on the small branches that have fallen off the trees in the wind. Most of all they love to sniff and dig through the snow to find deer poop. Elsa always pees right away, but Rufus takes a little longer to do his business. They have had only a couple accidents in the house which makes Mom happy. The crate is a safe and comfy place to rest, and they have hardly whimpered at all since they arrived. Best of all, they give us lots of kisses when we sit and hold them.
Yesterday they had a visit to their new vet. She is a pretty young lady named Dr Anderson who said they were beautiful puppies. There is only one other Tibetan in the entire rest of the practice. The vet said we could take them in any time for treats so they get used to the place. Rufus stayed really still for his shot, but Elsa flinched so she needed to be stuck a couple times. Her leg was sore this morning so she took an extra nap in the crate, but this afternoon she is back to her rambunctious self.
Elsa and Rufus have been making friends in the neighborhood. Many of our friends have met the puppies. Jacob and Ella’s mommy was very impressed that the puppies did not bark during their visit. Everyone thinks the puppies are sweet, soft and cuddly. Dinky is a 7 year old beagle who lives up the street who came to visit yesterday as well when we were shoveling the driveway. The puppies were happy to see Dinky and established a friendship right away. Their arrival has become the talk of the neighborhood.
Time for us to feed the puppies and take them for a walk. By the way, the pups haven't had an accident in days which is pretty amazing for such small pups. You did a great job with them. Thank you again for being such a good mommy and taking care of these great puppies.
Keep in touch.

Ryan, Grace, and Sophia