Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wet and Wild

So I got a note from Dara.

Dara wrote:

Dear Suddie,

Your blog is wonderful. You are quite the writer.

I'm glad you're enjoying the treats. I only shared them with you and Pumpkin, a dear pit bull mix down the hall, this time . She's very sweet and has a "soft" mouth. She never nips at my fingers when I sneak her a treat in the hallway. You're my FAVORITE canine though.

Which brings me to your question: yes dogs are allowed in my building. Monkeys, not sure. I would love a monkey, but I hear they can be VERY naughty. Like throwing pooh naughty.

Not like YOU! Hey, your really bad hair on the blog didn't bother me a bit. It would have shocked me if I hadn't seen you guzzling from a Central Park water fountain the last time I saw you in New York. Remember? You were wet and wild girl!

Not that I'm dissing you, girlfriend. I was pretty wild in my day too. I like that in a woman. It's just that the first time I met you you were doing the Upper East Side ladies-who-lunch thing. You were all prim and proper. Every hair in place. I'm glad I finally got to see you get down. Your paws were a sight child.

The puppies are adorable, as usual. They have to be that way to survive, right momma? What was it with the soft core shots of Angus and Roxie? They were kinda hot!

Well, gotta run to Pilates. Hope to see you in Central Park soon, but I know you have responsibilities right now. Kiss every one of them for me.


Now if you are lucky enough to ever meet Dara (or me for that matter), wild child is probably not the first thing that will come to mind. I wouldn't think it myself if I hadn't gotten a wiff of her couch. You see we inherited a couch that Dara had lived with for years. We used if for many more years out on our summer house in Michigan. By the way, this is a picture of the summer house. You can just glimpse the arm of the couch on the right. Well, anyway, as you might imagine, I'm pretty darn good at sniffing things out. And that couch, that couch had a history. I smelled things in that couch that I had never smelled before and many that I have not smelled since. But let me tell you, that couch got my heart pumping and my tail to wagging (very similar, in fact, to the reaction I had when I first saw Toby). So I knew, even then, that Dara and I were birds of a randy feather. Of course that couch has been deep cleaned many a time so it's nothing that you would have noticed. But you can't fool me, I'm a dog.

And...since Dara called out my adventures in Central Park, I thought I would share a few pics from the time I visited Central Park with some of the pups from my first litter. I don't know about you but it makes me a bit dizzy to watch it. Just like a ride on the merry-go-round.