Monday, November 1, 2010

Con Brio!

Do you remember our summer trip to Montana to visit our Tibetan Terrier friends?? Miss Mary, Bill (aka The Doctor), and so many more. What the hell were all their names? I loved it so much, I just have to repost our Montana video. It makes my tail wag. Real fast. Yes. just like you do Toby. Toby is the pup's dad.

When I think about our trip to Montana, I think about the beauty, good friends and good food. I remember Miss Sheryl's fantastic enchiladas and Dan's fresh baked bread. I have been howling and, as a result, Miss Sheryl emailed me her enchilada recipe. She recommends that you use Las Palmas enchilada sauce if you can find it. Sheryl does everything con brio!!

Sheryl's Montaniladas

good corn tortillas, fresh
enchilada sauce, two large cans
jack cheese, cut into sticks about 1/4 inch thick
good cheddar cheese, cut into sticks
green chillis, whole, cut into long strips, (one large can)
onions, about 2 large yellow or white
good, ripe, black olives

set up: small frying pan with nearby corn oil
one saucepan with heated enchilada sauce
a frying pan, where onions are resting, after sauteeing , caramelized , not burned

Procedure, Use a large baking pan for baking the enchiladas
1. preheat oven to 350
2. pour a little sauce into your baking ban to coat the bottom with enchilada sauce.
3. Heat the small fry pan with a little corn oil, fry a corn tortilla, both sides, til toasted, cooked, but not hard
4. Use tongs, dip the tortilla into the enchilada sauce to coat
5. Roll the tortilla into an enchilad, filled with a few sticks of white jack cheese, few sticks of cheddar, a few strips of green chillis and a tablespoon or so of onions..
6. Keep making the enchiladas, lay them into the pan so they are fairly tight and packed like little envelopes beside each other. for crowds, i have made two layers in a pan.
usually keep it at one layer, but tight and full so that they dont dry out from exposure.
7. when finished, sprinkle top with drained olives and some extra cheese/pour sauce over the top, dampen and thorough, but do not drown them in sauce.
8. set aside sauce remaining for table or later, after baking
9. bake til all is heated and browned, melted, nice on top/about 40 minutes.