Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Note From Rachel

Angus and Me by Rachel

Dear Suddie:

I am so excited to get my very own puppy! I hope Roxie is doing well. I think about her everyday and sometimes daydream about the new puppy in school. I'm so glad school is almost over only two days left.

You said you match the puppies by their personality. I should let you know a little about my personality. I am cheerful, bright, caring, loving and I love dogs.

I finally got my book "Why Do Dogs Have Wet Noses." Did you know the smallest dog in history was a Yorkshire owned by Auther Marples in Blackburn, England? It was 6 cm tall and only 9.5 cm long and weighed 4 oz. I also read dogs can tell the difference between blue and yellow, but can't tell the difference red and green. So if you throw a red ball in the grass it might take your dog awhile to find it. I'm going to get my dog a blue ball. I recommend this book.