Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Van and Dogs En route to Eukanuba STOLEN


I just got this message from a friend at the Eukanuba Dog Show (Lori Rickard of
Dream-Hi Akitas). Please cross-post!


white chevy express 2006
California license plate # 8D50252
Contact David Peek 530 917-6846

11/30/2010 3:45 PM EST Here's an update from the Contra Costa Times:

Note: This is not the van that was stolen. Just an example.

BELLFLOWER — A Redding couple visiting for the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship dog show in Long Beach pleaded for help Tuesday in finding four show dogs stolen from their Bellflower motel.

The couple awoke around 6 a.m. Tuesday to find their cargo van was stolen from the parking lot of the Motel 6 where they were staying.

"I don't think they were after the dogs. I think they just saw a cargo van and thought there's high-priced stuff in there," said David Peek, whose girlfriend is a professional dog handler.

Inside, however, was something almost beyond value, the couple's two purebred Akitas — Trace and Deedee — and a client's two purebred Corgis — Bunny and Peter.

"We had them in the van because they have heavy coats. It's more comfortable for them to sleep outside where it's cooler. It's better for their coats too," Peek explained.

Peek and Kristina Rickard arrived at the motel at around 11 p.m. Monday.

They left the four dogs with the heavy coats in the van, and took three dogs with shorter coats — a Boxer, a Brittany and a Parson Russell Terrier — inside the motel room.

When they awoke at 6 a.m. the first thing they did was to go outside to check on the dogs. Instead they found an empty parking space.

"The (motel staff) said 'Sorry, nothing we can do.'" said the couple's friend, Tamara Houser. "I asked if they were sorry about the lost dogs or the stolen van."

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department deputies are investigating the thefts. So far nothing has turned up, deputies said.

The dogs were sleeping in crates in the back of the van, though if they had been free they would have put up no resistance, Peek said.

"They're really friendly. They're very socialized. They show about every week," he explained.

Rickard said she has shown her dogs and clients' dogs at the Eukanuba show in Long Beach, the second largest in the nation,

BELLFLOWER, CALIF. -- Kristina Rickard, of Redding Calif., after her van was stolen with four show dogs inside on November 30, 2010, in Bellflower, Calif. (Jeff Gritchen / Press-Telegram)
in the past.

She and Peek planned to travel this year to New York for the Westminster Dog Show, the largest in the country, he said.

Unless they find the four missing dogs, however, they won't be showing at either event, Rickard said.

"It's too hard. They're our dogs. They're like our kids," Houser said.

The dogs have microchips injected in their backs that help with identification and all area animal shelters have been notified of their theft, Peek said.

Sheriff's Department deputies said a description of the van and the dogs has been shared with Southland law enforcement agencies.

The vehicle is a Chevy Express cargo van with a black box on back and with dog-paw stickers on the windows. The license plate number is 8D50252.

Anyone who sees the van is urged to call 911.

11/30/2010 9:42 PM EST Update From LA Times

4 competitive show dogs are stolen in Bellflower

November 30, 2010 | 3:16 pm
A champion Akita headed for one of the country’s biggest invitational dog shows and three other competition dogs vanished Tuesday when the van they spent the night in was stolen from a Bellflower parking lot.

6a00d8341c630a53ef0147e045e3a6970b-800wiTrace, a 3-year-old male Akita slated to compete in the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship in Long Beach this weekend, along with a 10-month-old female Akita named Didi and two Pembroke Welsh Corgis -- Bunny, 2, and Peter, 1-- were discovered to be missing at 6:30 a.m. at the Motel 6 lot.

“These dogs are our family,” said David Peek, who owns Didi. His girlfriend, Kristina Rickard, is one of the owners of Trace. “They are not just pets. You pretty much stole our kids, so just give them back.”

Authorities were searching for the stolen cargo van, a white, 2006 Chevy Express with the California license plate 8D50252. The heavy-coated dogs had spent the cool night in the van -- a standard procedure, said Peek, who travels the show circuit with dogs.

Keeping the dogs indoors “would be kind of like a person wearing a coat in Arizona -- even with the air conditioning on,” Peek said.

It’s common for owners of competition dogs to travel to shows in RVs with their animals and stay on the site of the show. At the AKC show this weekend, many competitors -- and their people -- will stay in RVs parked on site at the Long Beach Convention Center.

Peek and Rickard -- who live in Redding, Calif. -- often stay in motels and park their van right outside their motel window, running an extension cord to a fan they put in the van to cool the dogs even more.

“We weren’t able to do that at this site,” Peek said. “But it was so cool last night it didn’t matter.”

Peek said they cracked the windows about an inch for the dogs and locked the doors. The Akita, Trace, is registered in the weekend competition as a Grand Champion under the official name “Dream Hi's I Got My Game On.”

The other Akita, Didi, and the two Corgis -- whose owners are in Japan -- were expected to compete in other local competitions scheduled in the days before the AKC/Eukanuba show. Southern California is just one stop in a nearly month long tour, Peek said.

“They all travel a lot,” said Tamara Houser, who is accompanying the owners and the dogs. “They have more miles under their little toes that a lot of people do.”

The group also has a Boxer puppy, a Parson Russell terrier, and a Brittany with them. Those dogs slept in the motel Monday night.

Peek declined to put a price on Trace -- "he’s priceless" -- or the other dogs. He also said he doubted the dogs were targeted by a thief.

“Not a lot of people realize what the dogs are worth,” Peek said. “I think someone just saw a cargo van with people’s stuff in it.”

Peek said they will offer a reward to anyone who can lead them to the dogs.

Anyone with information is asked to call Los Angeles County sheriff’s Det. Ron Vande Vegte at the Lakewood sheriff’s station at (562) 925-0124. They can also call David Peek at (530) 917-6846 or Tamara Houser at (661) 860-3147.

Photos: Clockwise are Trace, Peter, Bunny and Didi. Credit: Tamara Houser

Monday, November 29, 2010

Spirit of Happiness

I have a new friend. His name is Chris and he's from Koewacht, Netherlands.

Hello Suddie,
I hope you will understand that English is not my native language so sometimes I will make misstakes or write in a non understandable manner. If so, please ask for explanation.
We have six TT's :
Glory 7 years (B/W)
Djara 5 years (black with some white)
Gaya 4 years (Sable)
All Star 3 years (Tricolor)
Raysha 2 years (greysable)
Ciedjee 17 months. (smoke)
All Star is a daughter of Djara and Ciedjee is her halfbrother, being a son of Djara.
So you can understand that the actions of Gaya and Glory were of non-family dogs.

It was a beautiful clear winterday, no wind and the sun was trying to give a little warmth to the earth. Typical day to go to the beach with our doggies. When on the beach our TT's started to run and play and so did the 6 month old Ciedjee too. With his enthusiasm and fearlessness he crossed a little sealake that was left on the beach on the lowtide. Halfway he seemed to realize: OMG what have I done and stopped immediatly. And he really stopped. He stood still in the water and weeped softly. The other dogs all looked at him but did not do anything, exept Gaya, she walked 3 steps into the lake and looked at him. I wanted Ciedjee to learn something so I did not jump in for his rescue. I just went to the other side and called upon him, trying to persuade him to come back. That did not help at all. In the mean time our other TT's were standing beside me, looking how Ciedjee was doing. Suddenly Glory went into the water towards Ciedjee, give him a little "nosekiss", turned and walked back. In all confidence Ciedjee walked right behind her, out of the water!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Introducing New Champion Deep Acres Autumn Splendor

Above: New Champion Deep Acres Autumn Splendor

I received a text message on Sunday at 2:31 PM EST from Sherpa's dad.

All it said was:

"CH. Deep Acres Autumn Splendor"

"Really?" I messaged back. Followed Immediately by "OMG!!!!" And then "Congrats. What did he get?"

Well Sherpa, CH. Deep Acres Autumn Splendor took Winner's Dog and then Best of Winners for a three-point MAJOR. And he was crowned a new CHAMPION. Sherpa had not been shown all summer. His dad had a lot of other fun things planned like a new deck with a hot tub overlooking their green acres. And dog parks. And Cape Cod. But he performed fantastically when he returned to ring this fall. And on the road to his championship he racked up three MAJORS. We have to admit that, for a moment, we doubted he would become a champion so quickly. But his dad has A LOT of positive energy and he predicted it would happen today!

And, as an added bonus, I think I now will be recognized by the Tibetan Terrier Club of America with a Register of Merit. I believe a Register of Merit is given to bitches like me that have produced three or more champion offspring. Sherpa is my third. Preceded by Angus and Roxie from my first litter. And, if I have anything to do with it, there's more to come. You know my little Rufus is nearly there. And although she hasn't been in the ring much yet, my beautiful Pandora is racking up points toward her championship. Not bad for a gal who has only had two litters. Toby, I think boys have to have five champion offspring to receive a Register of Merit. Seems fair to me. I mean I was the one who endured hours of torturous labor, fed them, cleaned their little hineys, etc, while you were sitting by the pool in San Diego. OK, perhaps I am exaggerating a bit. But just a bit. Our little champs! Of course, I think all of our pups are champs.

Congrats Sherpa. You're a GORGEOUS HUNK.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Kind of Town

Above: Scott and Rufus at the Peninsula Hotel, Chicago

So today we traveled to Chicago for the Lakeshore Kennel Club show. Rufus looked mighty fine and took Best of Winners. We got to see some other beautiful Tibetan Terriers from Cedar Creek and Barnstorm and Ri Lee's Reese. Now all Rufus needs is his final MAJOR and he will have his championship.

Posthaste, we headed to the fabled Magnificent Mile to celebrate. But first to the Peninsula Hotel on Superior Street where, our friend, the doorman Scott always has a good stash of biscuits. And, then, on to Michigan Avenue for a little window shopping. And down to Oak Street where I met the sweetest 11-year-old poodle named Shadow. As dad was crouched on the sidewalk posing Rufus in front of the Prada window, a kindly, slightly addled looking, moderately well-dressed black woman threw popcorn in our direction as she wished us happy holidays. My dad looked up at her and then back down to the popcorn at our feet and then back up at her and then quickly back down to the popcorn at our feet. "Thank you" he said "but they can't eat popcorn" and then he mumbled something about it getting caught in our throats. This kindly, slightly addled looking, moderately well-dressed black woman just smiled at us like an angel. We noticed a pigeon descend as we walked away. Did she, perhaps, think we were pigeons?

Then dad sat us down on a bench in the park on East Lakeshore Drive and told us about his Grandma Franny's famous Popcorn Cake. It was kinda like a great big popcorn ball but formed in the shape of a cake. This, somehow, led to a story about a friend of his, Stephanie, who used to volunteer at an after-school program at the fancy Episcopal church on Michigan Avenue where a hot meal and a carton of milk was provided. Stephanie, dad recalled, told him the kids once asked her for extra little cartons of milk so they could throw them at white people on their way home.

Then it was on to Neiman Marcus where Tom and Julie and Jack catered to our every whim and dad was measured for a special holiday suit spun from pure gold. Dad told us that Grammy Jill once had a pair of gold lame capris she liked to kick around in. Tom and Julie and Jack were ever so nice. Tom even shuffled off somewhere and soon shuffled back with biscuits and a kind of doggy pig-in-a-blanket. Delicious! We were told by another Neiman Marcus staffer that the store had recently changed it's policy and dogs were only allowed in the store if held by their owners. We quickly exited.

Above: Alyssa, Penny, and Rufus at Jonathan Adler, Chicago

Alyssa and Penny at the Chicago Jonathan Adler outpost just couldn't get enough of Rufus and took him back behind the counter with them. Crowds soon formed around the windows. I overheard one woman say it was better than any holiday window display she had seen on the Mag Mile. This year Jonathan Adler created a cute poodle ornament for the holidays and one of a dachshund too. I'd like to hang one of those on my tree this year. Wouldn't you?

Righteous Bitch

Well, you know me, I hate to brag. But I think I've hit the big time. I was featured on both the Huffington Post and MyAnimalActivist.com today. The Huffington Post featured those FUNNY lost and found signs I posted on my blog yesterday (see below) and also included a link to my website. I got quite a bit of traffic from that. Who knows. Maybe soon I'll have a multi-book deal with a movie option. I definitely need an agent and a publicist. My dad is just too small potatoes. If that wasn't enough (and it never is), the folks from MyAnimalActivist.com selected my boy, Rufus, Deep Acres Fields of Gold, as their favorite dog at the Minneapolis Kennel Club show and went on to gush about this "really beautiful Tibetan Terrier." Thank you MyAnimalActivist.com!

Above: MyAnimalActivist.com snapped this shot of Rufus at the Minneapolis Kennel Club show and named him their favorite dog at the show.

Now, the folks from My Animal Activist had a HUGE presence at the Minneapolis Kennel Club show. They had an AMAZING display and spent a lot of time educating people about responsible breeding practices. You know things like health screening before breeding, not buying pups from pet shops, and other REALLY IMPORTANT stuff like that. They also had THE BEST merchandise. I think my favorite was their "BALLS ARE OVERRATED" gear.

Above: Amy and Posh

Amy Sparks, who founded MyAnimalActivist.com is a photographer, video editor, and self-proclaimed crazy dog lady. She's come up with some really creative ways to communicate and promote responsible pet choices and the basic idea that all creatures of this planet deserve respect. Amy shares her home with a Havanese named Posh, 12 Happy Hens, an animal loving daughter, a crazy-Animal-from-the-muppets-like son , and a darling creative husband who tolerates and supports her dog crazy-ness and countless “ideas.”

Amy shared a quote from Abraham Lincoln that I want to share with you.

I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of a whole human being.
-Abraham Lincoln

That Abe Lincoln sure was a smart guy. Amy sure is a smart gal. Makes me proud to be a righteous bitch

Friday, November 26, 2010

I Love a Parade

Omar, a Tibetan Terrier whose father works at Saks, Enjoys the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Lost and Found

Thursday, November 25, 2010

High on a Hill Was a Lonely Goatherd

Halfway across Iowa, on our way home from the Minneapolis Kennel Club Show, we stopped to see some puppets. Not just any puppets. The puppets from the Sound of Music. You know, "High on a Hill Was a Lonely Goatherd. Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo." Those puppets! I just love that lonely goatherd. And I love the Sound of Music. Especially the part when Maria is dancing with the Von Trapp children on the patio at the big party and the Captain cuts in and dances with her. It is so lovely. But I love that lonely goatherd the best.

But what, you may be wondering, has any of this to do with our trip across Iowa. Well, you see, that lonely goatherd nows calls the MacNider Art Museum in Mason City, Iowa home. Dad knows how much I love those goats so we just had to stop. Bill Baird, the American puppet master who created these puppets. was from Mason City. The MacNider collection of Baird puppets is the largest holding of the late puppeteer's work to be found anywhere. I can't tell you how disappointed I was when we found the museum closed.

But, on our way out of town, we discovered another hidden gem in Mason City, The Music Man Square. You see, Meredith Willson, the man who created The Music Man and The Unsinkable Molly Brown and a bunch of other now classic entertainments, was also from this small town. In his honor the town recreated the town square of River City, the town in The Music Man which is based entirely on Mason City. Well you won't believe it, but when we entered the square, confetti and streamers fell from the sky. Seventy-six trombones led a big parade while a chorus sang "We Got Trouble Right Here in River City." Debbie Reynolds did a sexy soft-shoe while Shirley Jones jumped out of a flaming cake. You see, we were the 500,000th visitors to Music Man Square which opened in 2002. We were a bit scared, but intrigued by the spectacle. Then the mayor of Mason City came over to us and placed the key to the city around my neck on a beautiful gold chain. Debbie Reynolds danced over sideways, looked right at Rufus and me and exclaimed, " I just have to have me one of them!" Dad searched around for one of his business cards, but as usual he couldn't locate one.

Above: The Incomparable Ms. Sharon Olson

Well, I don't want to disappoint you, we weren't really the 500,000th visitor. We were told we were two weeks too late for that. But we did visit the square and were lucky enough to meet Ms. Sharon Olson and a bunch of other VERY FRIENDLY folks in River City. Now, Sharon Olson is an elegant dame and she knows more about Meredith Willson than just about anybody. She gives tours of Meredith Willson's Mason City home which sits next to The Music Man Square. At the end of our visit, Sharon walked with us to our car to say goodbye. Right before we left, she held Rufus' little face and sang, in the most beautiful voice, " We got trouble right here in River City." That begins with 'D" and it ends in "G." And there's an 'O' in the middle.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Zsa Zsa, Magda, and Eva

Above: Rufus, Deep Acres Fields of Gold

So let me just say it and get it out of the way. I am very proud of my pup Rufus who took Best of Winners (a MAJOR!) and Reserve Winners over the weekend at the Minneapolis Kennel Club show. Rufus traveled from Iowa City and I joined him. I love a ROAD TRIP!! I couldn't believe it, but there was snow on the ground when we arrived in Minnesota. And, if that wasn't bad enough, they were making more snow on a small hill outside of town. And it was COLD. But the truth is I love the snow and the cold. It really puts me in overdrive.

Well, my dad really loved this show because it was held at a horse racetrack. What that means is he could drink beer and play black jack while waiting for the dog stuff to be over and done with. Dad very quickly doubled his money at the black jack table and then, just as quickly, lost it all. There was also off-track betting and grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato and pickle.
Above: Zsa Zsa, Magda, and Eva

The highlight for me was meeting Noodles, a two-year-old Puli originally from Denver who now lives with the lovely Diane Fields in Wisconsin. Diane told us that she had wanted a Puli since she was 10 years old and she finally got one thirty years later. Noodles is dreamy and I admit I have a bit of a crush. They say that Pulik (yes, that's the plural form of Puli), from Hungary originally, and Tibetan Terriers are related.

Do you think there's a market for Hungarian Terriers. I'm trying to convince my dad. By the way, I just love Zsa Zsa Gabor. Is she the one that was on Green Acres? I love that Arnold Ziffel too. I'd love to roll around in hot oil with him. No...I think that was Eva. I like Eva best. Poor Zsa Zsa. I think she's the slap happy one. She's married to some quack count from who knows where. He's the one who claimed Anna Nicole Smith's child was his. Right? I also heard that he called 911 in Beverly Hills claiming to have been attacked by some women that stole his car and left him by the side of the road completely naked. Or something like that. Turns out he made the whole thing up. Poor Zsa Zsa. She also lost quite a chunk of change in the Bernie Madoff ripoff. They have recouped some of the money by selling the hubby's title to rich people who want titles. If Noodles and I had pups I would name the girls Eva, Magda (that's another Gabor sister who married one of Zsa Zsa's husbands after she was done with him) and, if there is a feisty one, Zsa Zsa.

Above: White Boys

I also met Chunky Monkey, a Bijon Frise, and all his white friends.

White boys are so lovely
Beautiful as girls
I love to run my fingers
And toes through all their curls

White boys give me goose bumps
White boys give me chills
When they touch my shoulder
That's the touch that kills

All in all it was a very good weekend.

Above: Zsa Zsa

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Rainbow Bridge

Above: Chelsea, as a young girl, with Christine visiting the battlefields she so loved

I have heard many people refer to the Rainbow Bridge. I never really knew what they were talking about. But it sounded like a very nice place to go. My new friend, Christine Barnes Boran, explained just what she meant when she confided that her beloved Tibetan Terrier, Chelsea, went to the Rainbow Bridge in 2003. That's when I found out that the Rainbow Bridge is where some people think TTs go when they are ready to leave this place we call earth.

Not only was she beautiful, Chelsea was a certified therapy dog. She paid many visits to the late Supreme Court justice Harry Blackmun who I understand is quite famous for his Roe v. Wade decision. Among many other things, Chelsea loved dirty laundry and float boat rides.

Christine was kind enough to share her reflections on Chelsea's last walk to her favorite haunts, the Manassas and Bull Run Civil War battlefields near her home in Virginia. Chelsea often visited the battlefields when she was younger and healthier and loved these walks so much.

Of course, it was an agonizing decision for Christine:

"She lived a long and healthy and productive life until that summer, when I could tell she soon would give me the look that said she had had enough. I didn't wait too long or let her go for long. I would have to say goodbye to her while she still had a little quality of life. I'm attaching a beautiful poem which Michael and I read to her under that arbor in the gardens before we took the car ride to the vet that day to send her to the Bridge. We read it to her together. It's beautiful. Get that hanky out, though....it's very touching. It gave us peace holding her under that arbor and reading it before we took that dreaded car ride to our vet. After the vet handed her so sweetly wrapped in the pink floral bedsheet, Michael drove home through horse country with me in the back seat holding my Chelsea, now gone, in my lap."

Cut the leash that holds me here,
Dear friend, and let me run,
Once more a strong and steady dog,
My pain and struggle done.
And don't despair my passing,
For I won't be far away,
Forever here, within your heart,
And memory I'll stay.
I'll be there watching over you,
Your ever faithful friend,
And in your memories I'll run,
...a young dog once again.

Now, I don't like to think about death. Heck, I don't even really know what it is. But if it's someplace I have to go without my dad and my pups and my kibble, I don't really want to go. Even if it is does have a very pleasant name. Christine's reflections made me think about just how precious the time we do have together is. My dad got real quiet after I shared Christine's write-up of Chelsea's last day with him. I knew he was sad so I came and sat next to him on the floor. He picked me up and held me for a very long time.

Above: Chelsea on her last visit to the Stonewall Jackson Memorial

Chelsea Q-T-Pi of Camelot CGC TDI
April 27, 1989 - September 5, 2003

In Memory of my "Chelsea-Burger" and the "Q-Tip"

Written at 9:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 5.
Chelsea passed to the Rainbow Bridge about 5:30 p.m.

I very sadly and with tears in my eyes report to you the loss of my sweet Chelsea this evening. She spent the whole day with me in quality time, including a trip back to her favorite haunt of all time....to the famous Stone Bridge at Bull Run and on the National Battlefields to take one smaller slow hike over to see Stonewall Jackson on his horse and the Henry Hill House. When she was on the battlefields again, I could see how happy she was. She sniffed around the cannons and had lots of treats today, including steak off the grill, yogurt, and other cookies. She became tired easily though, and I carried her most of the way. She died very peacefully and sweetly in my arms. She will be buried on our property at a lovely animal burial ground amongst wildflowers and ferns.The sun was shining today, and it was cool and fresh outside. When she passed, we were near a beautiful farm by a pretty fence...a rooster crowed a few seconds after she started her journey. She was wrapped in a beautiful pink-flowered bed sheet by the vet and handed back to me. At 12 Noon, we laid her in her final resting spot. As we read more poems including the Rainbow Bridge poem, a ray of sunlight glowed on her wrapped little body. After her resting spot was covered, we popped a bottle of Champaign in celebration of her. The cork remained there for many months after that.

Forever Chelsea

Her favorite place in the last year has been on a blue wingback colonial-style chair on a homemade quilt made just for her in her favorite room. She loved to sit and look out at the pretty gardens below. She gave me the opportunity today to assist her checking out of the "Earth Hotel" where she enjoyed many amenities. She allowed me the honor to accompany her to the front desk, drop off her key, and escort her through the lobby before she made her trip to The Rainbow Bridge today. She did so with sweetness and dignity. She has brought many wonderful friends into our lives....beautiful and very caring fellow TTs and their people. She was a certified therapy dog with Therapy Dogs International and attained her AKC Canine Good Citizen title. I still miss her so very much.

The Tibetan Prayer Flags I owned are with her now. I held onto them all day today while we were together. There have been many tears and I ache at her being gone, but I rejoice having had known such a lovely TT who has brought so much joy to my life and to others.

Christine Barnes Boran