Thursday, September 26, 2013

Winger by Andrew Smith

I bought Winger by Andrew Smith for Ryan, our 14-year-old boy.  It had a "staff pick" sticker on it at the local bookstore in the northern Michigan town where we spend the summer.  And something about it interested me.  Could it have been the cover art and words?  When I discovered the main character is a 14-year-old named Ryan, I had to get it.

Well, Ryan has yet to read it.  But I did.  What an amazingly great book!  You have to read it.  You just have to.

I loved it.  Is it really teen fiction?  Am I immature?  Intellectually stunted?   I asked the author these questions and here is his reply.

"Is it "teen fiction"? Not the way a lot of people look at the genre. Here's why: I write ABOUT young adults and the adolescent experience, not FOR them. People who write FOR teens tend to get all preachy and condescending and become overly careful with what they say. I write about the adolescent experience because I think it is the most profoundly shaping part of our lives. And kids know when you're bullshitting them. If I view my approach as writing ABOUT adolescence, then I know I can put anything that is true and real in the book. No bullshit. So, no... you are not immature. Most of my readers happen to be adults. I write first and foremost for myself as the audience, so I write what I would want to read... and believe it or not, Winger still makes me laugh and chokes me up, too."

Winger more than lives up to its cover
And its back cover

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


We are headed to Santa Barbara soon to visit our dear friend Moe.  Maybe we'll spend one night glamping at El Capitan Canyon.   Probably not this trip though.  Moe has a fabulous guest house!

El Capitan Canyon

11560 Calle Real

Made up of cabins and tents (for those who are looking to "glamp" in large decked out tents with a double bed and electric lighting), El Capitan offers a rustic but luxurious way to experience the El Capitan Canyon and beach near Santa Barbara. Perfect for a family trip with kids, choose between doing your own cooking (each cabin has it's own "outdoor kitchen" with a grill/fire pit) and opting for super healthy meals at the Canyon Market and Deli.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Orlebar Brown or How We Spent Our Summer Vacation

Our Shaving Accident Entry (note the BAND-AID) was one of the 14 Weekly Winners in the Orlebar Brown Summer Mask Contest
We love Orlebar Brown.  Especially their swim trunks.  When a recent order arrived at our house, two masks  and instructions were included for their Summer Mask Competition.  The rules were simple.  Take photos of yourself wearing the masks showing OB how you spent your summer.  The most innovative and creative would be selected.

Low and behold one of our entries was selected as one of the 14 weekly winners.   We were rewarded for our efforts with our choice of Orlebar Brown swim trunks.  We selected the Setter in Rescue Red. Described on their website as an  icon reinvented. Setter revives the 1950s swim short, and has itself become a new classic. As featured in James Bond Skyfall. Quick-drying fabric will take you through the day.   We were thrilled!  Finally some recognition!!

Although we were quite happy with our win, we can't help thinking some our other entries were even better.   Judge for yourself.

We spent our summer in northern Michigan

This summer we built a new stylish scarecrow

Grace channels Bridget Bardot using dad's OBs as a cover-up

We hung out with Hemingway's Ghost

We goofed off at the farm

We spent the summer at the beach and on our phones

This summer we wore OB or nothing at all

It was a great summer!  Thank you Orlebar Brown.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Spotlight: Little Lola is Now a Champion

We are so happy that little Lola earned the title of champion last weekend.  You may now refer to her as Champion Deep Acres Loco Por Lola.   We are so happy because now we don't have to go to any more ridiculous dog shows. We thought we'd share this video of Angus winning best of breed to celebrate. It's expresses our feelings perfectly.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Red Haven Peach Omelette


Peaches are in season here in northern Michigan and we have been eating them every day in every way. Today we made a 3-egg omelette stuffed with Tilamook sharp white cheddar, 2 Red Haven peaches sliced and peeled and julienned basil. Served with a side of local berries and Honey Rock melon and toasted sesame semolina bread spread with homemade strawberry preserves. It was a very good start to our day!