Friday, October 7, 2011

So....we read about this new online We were intrigued. You see on you can create these great re-moveable stickers from your favorite photos. You can add words and even silly images like Santa's hat (how great for the holidays) to your image too. So we just had to order one. We used a photo of Angus and we added our website and in a few days a GREAT re-moveable sticker arrived in our mailbox. We weren't quite sure what re-moveable meant so we just had to ask. It seems that these stickers are designed so they are easily removed without leaving a big gunky, sticky mess. It doesn't really mean that they are designed to be stuck one place and then peeled off and then stuck somewhere else. But we just had to try.

We received our sticker just the day we were headed off to stay at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood and, we couldn't help ourselves, we stuck our sticker all over the Chateau. And they were right, it didn't leave a big gunky mess. We stuck it on the wall at the pool smack in the middle of the life preserver and next to the phone that you use when you need a pool boy pronto. And on the door of our bungalow so the paparazzi would know just where to find us. Even on the pot of the plant outside our door. On the door of our funky old refrigerator and vintage stove. Angus looked so handsome in our minibar. And finally in the lobby bar at 2:02 AM where I rolled on the floor with Rosie Perez.

But we weren't done. We weren't sure yet. Where best to make our mark with the help of

To create and order your own just click on the following link: