Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sherpa Meets Doris Duke

I received another update from Sherpa. Isn't he sweet!
Good morning Mom,
It's been a very quiet week, lots of naps and just taking it easy. Last night I met my new Vet Dr. Amy and she gave me a full exam and a shot. She thought I was in great shape and my dads asked lots of questions because they want me to grow up and be strong and healthy.
Today I met one of my 7 sisters "Doris". She is a Rhode Island Red named after Doris Duke who had a house in Newport R I..... you can just imagine the names of the other hens..... I'm sure I'll be meeting them soon.......Every morning I help gather the girls eggs and make sure they have fresh water and feed....It's time for another nap it's been a full morning....

I hope your having a great week and a very Happy New Year to all.....

Huge hugs-Sherpa