Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Love Maisie

I was twittering the other day and found this story about a homeless TT named Maisie. It made me feel so sad. I hope Maisie finds a good home. I love her.

Hello, my name is Maisie
I am an eight year old, female Tibetan Terrier. I am a very special dog who was found abandoned on the streets of London. I have been severely neglected most of my life and lost a leg at a very early age. When I arrived at the Mayhew Animal Home I had to have all my fur shaved off because it was so matted, the photo of me here is after my temporary shave to make me feel more comfortable. I’ve now had a professional clip so look much prettier. I am now in a foster home and my foster mum says that I am a placid and undemanding girl and so quiet that you could almost forget I was there. I spend a lot of my day snoozing on the sofa and like a lot of elderly ladies I can be quite forgetful but I always remember when it is mealtime because I love my food. I am very clean in the house and have already worked out how to use the cat flap to get out into the garden for a peaceful potter around. Although I only have three legs, it doesn’t stop me from enjoying my walks. I can comfortably manage an hour of gentle exercise a day although I need to take it in 30 minute stretches as I can get quite tired. I love being in the park and despite being quite deaf I can be trusted off-lead as I always stay close by. I don’t pay any attention to other dogs but have settled down nicely in my foster home with my doggy housemate Alfie and Lucy, the cat. I am really no trouble and I can manage to get up and downstairs by myself. I can be left alone for a couple of hours without any problems and travel well in the car curled up on the back seat.

I am now looking for a safe and secure forever home with special people who will simply enjoy having me around and will give me plenty of time to build a bond as I am an independent little soul and don’t like a lot of fuss. Although I am good with everybody and could live with children providing they did not pester me, I am not for a busy noisy household. My ideal owner would probably be an older person or retired couple. I could live with another dog if they were gentle with me and I would not mind sharing my new home with a cat. As I am on medication for a heart murmur, which costs between £20 to £30 a month, my new owners would have to be financially secure. So if you have a little room on your sofa and in your heart for a brave little girl, please come and see me soon.