Monday, June 14, 2010

Karin and Kee Ci and Math So from Holland

Above: Kee Ci of Holland

I received a very nice email from Karin from Holland. You see Karin saw my dad's instructional TT grooming videos at

Dear people and dogs (I added DOGS) of Deep Acres Farm,
What a beautifull dogs you've got! I saw your grooming film at Youtube and saw Angus and later on Roxie...They are really gorgeous! Especially the coat (I learned from your films). I have two TT myself. One dog 15 months and the other is 3 months old. I am in love with the TT's...
So I thought I would like to know where those dogs com from and I found your website...

Kindly regards,
Karin from Holland (Europe)

Well, I really appreciated Karin's note and her kind words about Angus and Roxie and my dad's grooming video. Not ONE WORD about me!

Karin followed up with another nice note (and some photos) and my self-esteem has been restored. I'm not just baby machine you know.

The blog is also very nice... Suddie is adorable too! Do you have three TT's?
Hereby, I send you some foto's of me and my dog's. My first TT is Math So. He is 16 months old now and my biggest sweetheart! He is not from a breeder, but from a family that just had one litter. He has, as you can probely see, a difficult coat. But I use your tip (water with conditioner) and I give him sinse one week salmonoil in his food. And that really helps!
The puppy is Kee Ci (pronounce KC). She is 15 weeks old now and very very cute! She is doing very well...She comes from a breeder here.
I hope you like them!
Big hug for your dog's!!!
and kindly regards,
Above: Math So of Holland