Sunday, June 27, 2010

Anuja of Austria

I have a new friend from Austria and his name is Anuja. Anuja of Austria. Sweet and shy. They say that opposites attract.

I received a letter of introduction from his mom Melanie.

Hi Suddie,
beautiful blog, love the video from the grooming!
Anuja is the boy from my first litter. He was the second pup, born in my hands. He was special, from his first minute. He can really speak with his voice and with his eyes. At the age of four weeks, he learned the trick "give five" with his paws. I think, that he is very very intelligent.....
But I never want a male at home, but he catched my eye every minute. He has two sisters and I really want to keep a female. So I was looking for a nice family for him. We had a lot of visitors in our house, who wants to see Anuja. BUT he don't want to see the people!! Every time, If he has heard the people knocking on the door, he is running away! He was the whole time at the last corner under my couch. Has done nothing, he was just quiet and has waited, that the people go home. After that, he comes with wagging tail to me, looked at me, like he is saying "Are you okay Mommy, I'm only your boy!". So It was very difficult to find a good home for him! No one wants him. He has a beautiful face, but his behavior was awful. We've tried everything, to show him, that other people are also okay, he was at the puppy school and so on. But he never has any friends there, he was always by my side, just happy, that he is with me. I decided after that all , that I don't keep a female, because Anuja is still there. So his sister called Avani, found a nice home and also the other sister, called Anokhi found a loving home. At the age of 12 weeks Anokhi has an car accident and died. My heart was broken, but Anuja was there and gave me so much love and hope. I need long time to realize that Anuja was made for me! He is beautiful and he is special. He don't is the "perfect" show dog, because of his behavior he is not good for that. If tried to show him one time in the Youngest Class, but he was not happy with all the foreign people, who want to look at him and touch him. It's so hard to discribe him with words, he is beautiful and he give me his full trust and love. But he never show his beautiful being to any others. That makes me a little bit sad, but my heart knows, how special and wonderful he is. As yet, he never goes for a walk with my mother or good friends, never. When he is seeing, that someone take the leash, he jumps again under my couch and is waiting until I come home! For example, he prefers to wait 8 or 10 hours without going for a walk, no, he wants to wait for me! This is my boy ;-) ....
So that's his story, and I hope that he is for a long long time in my life!
Bye Suddie, thanks for reading his story and sorry for my bad english!