Saturday, September 14, 2013

Orlebar Brown or How We Spent Our Summer Vacation

Our Shaving Accident Entry (note the BAND-AID) was one of the 14 Weekly Winners in the Orlebar Brown Summer Mask Contest
We love Orlebar Brown.  Especially their swim trunks.  When a recent order arrived at our house, two masks  and instructions were included for their Summer Mask Competition.  The rules were simple.  Take photos of yourself wearing the masks showing OB how you spent your summer.  The most innovative and creative would be selected.

Low and behold one of our entries was selected as one of the 14 weekly winners.   We were rewarded for our efforts with our choice of Orlebar Brown swim trunks.  We selected the Setter in Rescue Red. Described on their website as an  icon reinvented. Setter revives the 1950s swim short, and has itself become a new classic. As featured in James Bond Skyfall. Quick-drying fabric will take you through the day.   We were thrilled!  Finally some recognition!!

Although we were quite happy with our win, we can't help thinking some our other entries were even better.   Judge for yourself.

We spent our summer in northern Michigan

This summer we built a new stylish scarecrow

Grace channels Bridget Bardot using dad's OBs as a cover-up

We hung out with Hemingway's Ghost

We goofed off at the farm

We spent the summer at the beach and on our phones

This summer we wore OB or nothing at all

It was a great summer!  Thank you Orlebar Brown.